In this day and age of smartphones and internet, going to a travel agent is, (let’s just put it this way) too old fashioned. We are today enclosed in a pool of apps doing a fantabulous job in planning your vacation, that you can single-handedly plan your trip of the year. To make things easy for you, we have today rounded off a total of 9 travel apps which will assist you in your next breezy break with just a few clicks.

1. Sky Scanner

sky scanner app

Whether you are looking for a flight, rental cars or hotels, Skyscanner covers all. The app searches for the affordable and best options via its travel partners. Just like Google flights you can look for the cheapest dates to fly in the month and even get a reminder once the prices change.

2. Airbnb


We all know that Airbnb is a household name when it comes to offering dwelling spaces to the locals as well as tourists. The Airbnb app provides the customer with cheaper priced hotel options and a more authentic experience by staying with a local in their home. The app has recently updated by offering the users to choose the experience during their stay which includes local travel with a guide, booking the activities for the day, etc.

3. Citymapper


Citymapper is one of the best apps to find and use public transportation. The app connects you to the ride-sharing services and suggests you the fastest way to arrive at the destination. You can also check the time for subway and trains offline for a number of cities. The app is really handy if you are travelling for the first time to a new country.

4. Pack point

pack point app

Pack point prepares a checklist of all the items you will require for the trip depending on the weather forecast for the dates and location of your trip. Along with preparing a checklist, the app also asks you to list the activities you would like to participate during the trip and based on these activities prepare another list of items you would need. If you have a bunch of forgetful friends in your gang, you can even share the lists with them.

5. Mobile Passport

mobile passport

Mobile passport is officially authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and it lets you skip the regular line to enter the country. You just need to download this app and add your passport information and you can do this quickly by scanning it with your phone’s camera. Mobile Passport is accepted at 20 airports in the U.S.

6. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is a cover all and catch-all app that lets you peruse over millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photos pertaining to just about anything related to your trip — bars, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and more. You can also use the TripAdvisor near me function to find the well-reviewed places close by.

7. Yelp


You can call Yelp as the Yellow Pages of restaurants and bars, and the use of the app extends beyond the U.S. The app takes pride in featuring an innumerable number of reviews for the restaurants and bars. It is one of the prime sources to look for the information about the best spots to visit.

8. Hopper

hopper app

Hopper is the one stop solution to getting you the cheapest plane ticket across the web. Similar to Skyscanner in many ways, you can look for the cheapest dates to fly. Hopper informs you when to buy the tickets via push notifications. The simple interface allows you to book the flight ticket in 60 seconds or less.

9. Tripit

tripit app

Tripit can be explained more like a pocket travel agent. It puts together all the information right from confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars to events bookings. The apps compiles all the information together in one itinerary making it easy for you to keep a constant track.

Download these great travel apps and plan your next vacation with support and ease.

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