As we are just two and half weeks away from Christmas, it is officially time to spread the cheer. And, what better way to express your love towards your friends and family members than by sending a personally designed Christmas card. Whether it is plain and simple Ho! Ho! Ho! or a decorative and colorful patterned design, we have today put together 10 stunning Christmas cards that will certainly express your joy and love to the near and dear ones.

1. Photo Background Card

photo background card

One of the warm and rustic ways to design a card is to simply place your greetings over a holiday-inspired photo background, like a Christmas tree, fall leaves or even a photo of a forest.

2. Textures and Vectors

textures and vectors

If you are looking for something a little more intrinsic and detailed, this beautiful and soft greeting card features a Christmas tree loosely hand drawn over a photograph of forest ground.

3. Coding Card

coding card

Another clever design for a Christmas greeting card is to replace the words in the well-known festive phrases with suitable coding and fonts. The design is unique and will definitely give your greeting an extra edge.

4. Evolved and Involving Card

evolved and involving card

As Christmas in different locations and hemispheres is different, one way to express the same is to represent it through your card. Whether it is a Cape Town Christmas with a glowing sun, palm trees and waves or it is the typical South African flora and fauna let your card be the true face and reflection of it.

5. Wooden Style Card

wooden style card

Printing your Christmas greeting and message on wood gives your card a more natural and organic quality. This card with a brown and grey color palette complements beautifully with the wooden background designs and base.

6. Graphics Style Card

graphic style card

A graphic style greeting card is one of the most sorted and widely appealing choices for a holiday card. Whether you decide to print it on fabric or paper, the varied hues and diverse color palette make the design an attractive genius.

7. Illustrated Christmas Card

illustrated christmas card

If you are looking for something unique, this illustrated Christmas card can bring a mid-century feel to your design. With the elements like reindeer, partridges and a vibrant mix of colored flowers, the design of the card comes out beautiful and elegant.

8. Typography Inspired Christmas Card

typography inspired christmas card

Taking inspiration from vintage designs and calligraphy, the card carries a hand drawn and digital quality which centers around the holiday with decorative textual features and subtlety.

9. Coloring in Christmas Cards

colouring in christmas cards

Coloring in Christmas cards in one creative way to involve the friends and family in the spirit of the season right from the acceptance of the card. Create simple patterns and scenes with a clean black outline for the recipient to fill and do the rest themselves.

As Christmas comes just once a year, it makes the posting and receiving of greeting even more trivial and special. Make this Christmas a little more personal with these creative and fun cards that will be much more than a regular message on a paper.

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