Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner, as in, it’s right there just within our grasp, and what better way to say our Thanksgiving greetings to our loved ones than to give them a greeting card with a personalized message. While there are also other ways to greet them such as through a telephone call, a text message, an email, a letter, or even personally, but giving a greeting card just feels a bit more satisfying and fulfilling, especially on the part of the person who is greeting.

What’s great about greeting cards is it gives you the freedom to be creative, and it also allows you to write a heartfelt message within the pages. The creativity of the card’s presentation along with the message written are only some of the features that make greeting cards worth keeping. If you see the value of greeting cards and how easy they are to make, don’t hesitate to check out the collection of Thanksgiving greeting card designs below.

Landscape Typographic Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Check out this Thanksgiving greeting card design that showcases a lot of features evidently seen during the fall or autumn season. The background of this holiday greeting card design shows a pattern of illustrations of various leaves, which is only appropriate since Thanksgiving falls on the autumn season, after all. The middle of the design is where the greeting is written in large letters, and on the right is an image of a turkey, the animal that has since been used to symbolize the holiday.

Autumn Leaves Border Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and in Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday of October. But regardless of the country, we can already confirm that this holiday is celebrated during the autumn or fall season. For the greeting card design above, it doesn’t show food unlike most of the designs that you will see below, rather, it shows elements that are related to the season, which are yellow, orange, and red leaves. These leaves are being used as the design’s border, and surround the text that is artistically written in the middle.

Season’s Greeting Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims from Plymouth, England, to express gratitude after they were successful in their first corn harvest. This celebration lasted three days, which involved a large banquet of various dishes. For the greeting card design above, the background resembles planks from a wooden table, with some graphic illustrations of a corncob and a pumpkin on it to illustrate the food being served. For those celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada, this may be the perfect greeting card design for you since it also bears images of maple leaves.

Flat Food Illustration Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Here is another greeting card design that features a lot of food, and I do mean a lot. But unlike the previous design that made use of photorealistic images of food, this one makes use of minimalist, flat illustrations that have been scattered in an organized fashion all over the design. Around the middle of the design is a gap that is used for the text, and this text is written in a creative way that also includes a border to give emphasis to the name of the holiday.

Heart Shape Food Collage Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Once again, the highlight of this greeting card design is the food illustrations, and food are indeed the highlight of actual Thanksgiving celebrations. But aside from the food, one of the most prominent feature on this design is the turkey, which has since been associated to the event. The story behind this is that during the time of the first Thanksgiving, the colonists found that the turkey was not only flavorful when cooked, but it is also a unique kind of bird.

Vintage Illustrations Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Cartoon Turkey Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Here is another Thanksgiving greeting card that features an image of a turkey, but this one heavily emphasizes that feature since it doesn’t contain any other elements. If you look closely at the illustration of the turkey, you will notice that it is wearing a hat similar to those worn by the pilgrims back then. What makes this design even better is the fact that the image of the turkey is able to influence the reader to be happy. After all, Thanksgiving is a joyous celebration.

Purple Leaf Wreath Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Turkey Hunter Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Another historical fact about turkeys is that during the time of the first Thanksgiving celebration, the pilgrims frequently hunted turkeys during the season, and all this was observed documented by Governor Bradford. For the greeting card design above, the turkey is not the hunted, rather, it is shown to be the hunter, and this was done for comic relief. If you think that this design is funny and artistic, then download it and use it for your greeting card.

Watercolor Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Food Festival Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Here it is again, a Thanksgiving greeting card design full of mouthwatering foods that can really influence the readers to have a happy and joyous Thanksgiving celebration. There are a variety of foods on this awesome holiday greeting card design, which include but are not limited to the roast turkey, pies, fruits, and vegetables. Make the reader feel that Thanksgiving is worth celebrating, and that the successful first harvest of our ancestors is worth commemorating.

Set of Six Hand-Illustrated Thanksgiving Card Design

Photorealistic Chalkboard Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

The next two greeting card designs are inspired by chalkboards, and for this one, it features sharp text and images that are more photorealistic than being hand-drawn as evidenced by the very detailed shading on the elements. Around the edges of the card is an ornate border, and this is to enhance the quality of this greeting card design and also to balance it between being artistic and simplistic.

Hand-Drawn Chalkboard Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Here is the other chalkboard-inspired Thanksgiving greeting card design that we mentioned earlier, and unlike the previous one, the art style for this design is inspired by hand-drawn illustrations, even the text appears to have been done by hand. As you can see from the sample image above, the shading on the illustrations is not very detailed, but that was done intentionally to create a comic book-like effect on the element. For the background of this hand-drawn greeting card design, it makes use of a dark color that resembles a chalkboard, but unlike the previous design, this one has an uneven vignette effect applied to it.

Simple Cornucopia Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

Colorful Turkey Tail Feathers Thanksgiving Greeting Card Design

If you are familiar with the logo design of NBC (National Broadcasting Company), it appears to be a fan with different-colored blades, but if you look closely on the fourth blade, you can see a tiny indentation on the upper portion. This indentation is supposed to be a representation of a beak, and therefore tells viewers that their logo is actually an abstract symbolism of a peacock. Enough about that, let’s talk about the design shown above, which (just like NBC’s logo) seems to look like a fan with colorful blades. But then, if you take into consideration the round, hollow shape and the small cone-like element in the middle, you may realize that this image is actually a symbol of a turkey, which is the animal associated with the holiday. This greeting card design is a pretty symbol yet also symbolic, and if you think that this is worth giving to your loved ones, then download it.

Now that you have gotten up to this point, it’s time to talk about what makes our collection of Thanksgiving greeting card designs special and worth downloading. First and foremost, the sources for these designs offer high quality and visually stunning greeting card designs. What makes it even better is that these designs were created and contributed by highly skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world.

With regards to the format of these designs and their level of editability, these greeting card designs are mostly in vector format, which is the format of choice for many graphic artists. One reason behind this preference is because vectors are very easy to edit and are able to maintain sharpness even after being edited or resized. Another reason is because vectors allow artists and designers to individualize their elements, which means you can edit only certain elements of the design without having to alter its entirety.

Lastly, the catch for downloading these artistic greeting card designs. To tell you honestly, there is actually no catch, but to offer gratitude to the artists behind these designs, there is a small, reasonable fee that you will be required to pay before you can actually start downloading. While it might be overwhelming for you to think about expenses, the amount that you will be paying is far less than the actual quality of these greeting card designs and the efforts by the artists just to provide you with designs that can save you all the hassle. If that was enough to convince you on how amazing our designs are, then go ahead and start downloading one.

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