If you work in the field of graphic design and your client has all of sudden hit you with the need of a creative Thanksgiving inspired design, do not worry as we are here to rescue you just at the right time with a distinct and creative design. And, if a client is not the subject of your worry, then holiday artwork is one crucial arena which is always looking for inspiration. Therefore, the below listed 10 freebies especially designed by us for Thanksgiving will definitely help you pump up the design quotient this holiday.

1. Bi-Fold Brochure Design

3d Thanks Giving Brochure Design

thanks giving brochure 3

The 3rd brochure design is perfect for the foodies in your group. With a sumptuous turkey and a complete Thanksgiving platter the brochure gets the taste buds titillating, what more could you ask for.

Simple Thanks Giving Bi-Fold Brochure

thanks giving brochure 2

If you are looking for something even more simple, this easy white background bi-fold brochure comes with a plain Fall leaf pattern on the top right corner and a standard design all over.

Thanks Giving Bi-Fold Brochure

thanks giving brochure 1

This bi-fold brochure with the subtle and sleek design is perfect for Thanksgiving. With Fall leaves forming a thick border and a playful turkey graphic placed in the middle, the design comes out clear and beautiful.

2. Banner Designs

This ready to print Thanksgiving banner template comes with 10 conclusive options for different sizes and designs. The three striking colour options and designs make the banner templates carry an impressive and versatile pattern. Choose the one that best defines your feast and print out the readily available option.

Editable Thanksgiving Banner Template


Thanksgiving Banner Template


PSD Thanksgiving Banner Template


3. Flyer Designs

Editable Thanks Giving Flyer Template

thanks giving flyer 2

This Thanksgiving flyer template comes with a beautiful and vibrant design. The perfectly baked bird placed in the middle is matched with bold and impressive typography. The design is clear and instantly strikes a chord with the viewer.

Graphical Thanksgiving Flyer

thanks giving flyer 3

If you are looking for something simple and graphic, the paper style turkey with a cap or graphical turkey Thanksgiving platter is an efficient option to go for. With subtle colors and sleek design, the flyer will definitely shine out from the crowd.

Simple Thanksgiving Flyer

thanks giving flyer 1

4. Greeting Card Designs

If you are looking for greeting card designs, the first two listed options come with a vibrant background and a Fall inspired leafy border. The design is festive and radiant with its appearance. If bright and bold is not your cup of tea, then the white textured background greeting card with minimal border and warm Fall hues is the perfect option to choose this Thanksgiving.

Sample Thanks Giving Greeting Card

thanks giving greeting card 1

Editable Thanksgiving Greeting Card

thanks giving greeting card 2

Fall Inspired Greeting Card

thanks giving greeting card 3

5. Invitation Cards

If you are looking for Thanksgiving invitation cards, these three options will finally end your search. The first pick offers a beautiful and soft white background detail and a turkey graphic on the top. You can also stick with the Fall colors with the orange themed invitations card with the leaves and branches in the border and the bird in the middle. Our personal favorite, this grey colored invitation card is sophisticated and classy. With an informal brush stroke typography and minimal decorative elements the design is timeless and charming.

Formal Thanks Giving Invitation Card

thanks giving invitation 1

Classy Thanks Giving Invitation Card

thanks giving invitation 2

Custom Thanks Giving Invitation

thanks giving invitation 3

6. Menu Designs

If you are designing a Thanksgiving menu, these ready to print designs are worth a try. The simple and sleek menu designed with a thin border and clearly placed turkey makes the design clear. If you are not hesitant to add colours to your design, this bright red background menu with Fall leaf border is perfect to bring in the colour this holiday season. You can also go the regular route with white background simple layout menu design.

Sleek Menu Design


Red Background Menu Design


Simple Layout Thanksgiving Menu Design


7. Newsletter Designs

These three Thanksgiving newsletter designs are perfect to enhance the look of holiday newsletter. Designed with subtle colours and neutral theme, the newsletters are elegant and visually impressive.

8. Poster Designs

The Thanksgiving posters with only one central and core element- bird, come out visually clear and impactful. The efficient combination of colours further extends the uncomplicated beauty of the design.

Thanksgiving Poster Template

thanks giving poster 1

Simple Thanksgiving Poster Template

thanks giving poster 2

Sample Thanksgiving Poster Template

thanks giving poster 3

9. Social Designs

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving themed design for the cover photo in Facebook or other social networking sites, these three designs offer the best available inspiration. With beautiful presentation and fun design, the appearance comes out distinct and striking.

10. Postcard Designs

Simply designed, these postcards are perfect to send the thankful greetings to friends and family members.

Simple Thanks Giving Post Card


Thanks Giving Post Card Template


Sample Thanksgiving Post Card Template


Download and print the design of your choice and bring a digital and graphic makeover to your Thanksgiving.

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