The trends in web design industry much like any other business don’t last very long. New techniques, concepts and tools are constantly being introduced. With 2016 coming to an end, we have today decided to explore the top 10 trends that are going to fly strong the coming year. Continue to read to see what we can expect in 2017.

1. The Mobile First Approach

designtrnds mobile mokeup

Much like the name suggests, the mobile-first design is the process of designing first for mobile or small screened devices and then working its way up the big devices. As mobile phones are the primary devices used all around the globe, the need to make the design fit efficiently on a small screen is the need of the hour.

2. Responsive Design

dt mokeup

Responsive design has been around for quite some time, but the coming year will see the trend gain an even firmer hand. Both the huge and small websites are opting for responsive design to improve their rankings and also enhance the user experience.

3. UI Patterns and Framework

ui patttern

Along with responsive design and mobile first approach, both UI and UX patterns that have emerged across the web aim to improve the user’s experience. With so much competition, no one wants to risk it with a tried and tested formula. As UI and UX patterns evolve and develop, we are going to see more brands follow this formula for a unified experience.

4. Beautiful Artistic Illustrations

artistic illustration

Illustrations are versatile mediums to create visuals that are playful and friendly. Illustrations are now able to create visuals that are imaginative and personalized to the nature of the brand. The impressive set of illustrations also holds the advantage of creating a unique brand identity.

5. Big Bold Typography

big bold typography

Along with illustrations, typography also holds the character to portray a unique sense of personality and also convey emotions. Whether it is full blown digital style or minimal hand scripted typography, the right usage of the font when paired with the image can make the design appeal to a larger audience.

6. Photography


Photography has always been a prominent element in web design, people desire originality and authenticity and they recognize a stock photo the moment they see one. Brands and designers have begun to hire professional photographers to frame an image for their company and brand. And, the coming year we will see a lot of brands take a dive in this band wagon for keeping their image and style authentic and clear.

7. Bold Colors

bold colors

Bold and vibrant hues in impressive gradients have been gaining limelight in the websphere. The coming year we will see the brave approach get even more promising with websites, companies and brand transitioning from the web safe to more punch filled shades.

8. Attractive Animation


As the browsers and languages have got more evolved and advanced, we are seeing a lot of websites move from static to motion filled imagery with animations. Animations come in all shapes and sizes and when apt and creative, they also serve a lot of purposes.

9. Innovative Scrolling


The standard, basic scrolling which goes top to down is now seeing modification with the content being dispersed all around the web page. The fold which used to separate the important from unimportant is becoming invisible day by day. The coming year we will see a lot of web pages pair this update with animations, videos and other fun graphics to hold the maximum attention of the viewer.

10. Creative Use of Grid

grid style

The creative use of grid design makes the website appear more ordered and sophisticated. Even a haphazard placement of content in creative grid form can make the design appear more artistic and free.

With a 100’s of trends’ circulating in the web industry, some might not be as useful as others but having the knowledge of the upcoming trends can always help you keep a step ahead in the competitive market.

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