It is widely known and accepted phenomena that the trends in the field of design evolve faster than the trends in any other course or discipline. One tends to get obsolete even before we have made ourselves complete aware of its crucial elements. But, the advantage of the emerging trends in design is that all the diverse fields of design remain connected with the trend. If the former fades out in packaging, it shifts to illustration then to print, home décor and so on. Being aware and well informed of the new trends in markets is a great way to enhance the efficiency in work and keep you a step ahead of the numerous competitors in the market.

Below mentioned are the 10 most popular graphic design trends and style approaches seen in 2016.

1. Modular Layouts


To put in the simple terms modular layout is a way to organise and align all the items (content and the images) in a simple grid format. One of the most popular and widely seen layouts in website, mobile application, user interface and blogs, this card based layout makes it easy for the eye to perceive and be receptive to the text or visual on the screen.

2. Negative Space

negative space

Negative space can be simply explained by the white space that is left behind after designing your logo or branding projects. If used smartly this negative space can sometimes turn the regular looking design to creative and catchy for the audience. With the combination of positive and negative space, the designer can give a sense of movement and perspective to the design. The optimum utilisation of negative space can result in creative and abstract designs that are unique on the surface.

3. Typography


The right typography used in the appropriate layout can make your design stand out and largely appeal to the crowd. Bold, big type dramatic typography helps to make the design eye-catching and texturally creative. Creative typography in combination with the line, colours and textures make the design carry a personal touch of personality and connective visual appeal.

4. Bold Photography and Sleek Test

bold photography and sleek test

Mostly seen on the covers of magazines and posters, this trend is essentially an extension to the dramatic typography. Simple text placed with the backdrop of an appealing photograph adds interest and makes the design modern and fascinating to the onlooker. The calligraphic or standard sans-serif font tends to add an exciting touch to otherwise plain design.

5. Flat 2.0

flat 2

Flat 2.0 is a trend that was introduced in 2006 and is basically an amalgamation of colourful design presented along with a big and clean typography. Hugely popular because of the minimal look of design and illustration, the trend plays well on the pivotal characteristics of depth, light & shadow, and motion.

6. Motion


2D animation and graphics trend make the image appear interesting and full of life. With a simple concept of adding motion to still images helps to clearly render the message and hold the attention of the viewer with least amount of distraction.

7. Abstract and Geometrical Design


Abstract and geometrical design play well in the sphere of material design. With layered geometries and minimal content, the design tends to add a sense of realism and interest to the final result. Adding versatility to its shape, the trend has been hugely popular on all platforms across the web.

8. Minimalist Touch To Logo

logo minimal

The look of minimal has played well across all the fields and areas of design. From minimally design logos to minimal and flat, subtle gradients, the trend has worked in the favour of visual and graphic design.  

9. Elaborate Illustrations


The hand drawn fanciful illustrations have made it to the top of the list with defined brushstrokes, sketchy lines and mixed digital and analogue touch. With the visual depth and texture, the illustrations are a sure way to make the design evergreen and classy.  

10.  Bright Bold Colors

bright bold colors

The usage of bold bright colours, be it in posters or advertisement has been largely evident in the market. Adding a pop of colour to the design makes the visual retain better with the audience and also manages to make an increased impact.

Experiment with the above-mentioned trends and make your design stand out with interesting typographies, material design and just the right amount of colour and motion.

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