Neutrals and plain, of course, hold a mass appeal but including a bright color in the home can sometimes spin around the entire look of your home. Jazz up the ambiance of your house by incorporating a not so popular bright lemon yellow color for an unusual look to your home.

We know lemon yellow can be a harsh color if not used smartly.  So, if you have a dull old furniture or an old stand with paint chipping off, we have a bright colorful solution.

Today we have compiled a list of 8 unique ideas to help you incorporate this citrusy color in your home in the simplest and most economical ways.

Change the Look of Your Bed

yellow bedroom design

yellow bedroom design1

Your old furniture need not sit in the basement and rust, we have an easy and amazing solution. You can  paint your wooden bed legs and base in lemon yellow color for a pepped up look of your room. As the color is strong you can contrast it with plain bedding and some complimenting pillow cases.

Change the Color of the Wall

lemon yellow wall design

If you have sober looking furniture items in your home, you can spruce up the look by adding some color to a wall in your home. Choosing the tone of the lemon yellow color is completely your choice, you can choose to have a more mellowed down look or go for a bright shade, either way, it will look good if matched well.

Add a Contrasting Chair

lemon yellow chair design

yellow chair design

Your kitchen can also be a place to experiment with the color. Add a contrasting yellow color chair to the kitchen and see the look, if you are not pleased you can always choose to switch. If you have a white or completely wooden kitchen adding a spring tone color will act as an excellent compliment to your space. If a colorful chair doesn’t really reflect your style then you can add some colorful punch with bright teapots or crockeries.

Brighten the Kids Room

yellow kids room design

Kids room is another space in your home where you can experiment with this bright youthful color. Add a colored cradle or a rug to the room. If you feel the look is quite appealing you can also choose to include decor items in the same tone to match and complete the look.

Bright Colored Rug

bright colored rug

If you are planning to purchase or replace the rug in your living room, why not go for a bright shade this time. If you think a complete lemon yellow doesn’t suit the tone of your house, look for rugs that have the lemon color well neutralized with pastel grayish shades.

Colored Sofa Chairs

yellow sofa chairs

Including lemon yellow sofa chairs can be another strong addition to your living room. If sofa chairs are too much experimentation in one go, then you can start off by including lemon yellow color throw pillows or mats in your home. Start little by little and make the decor decisions always in favor of your home.

Colored Door

lemon yellow door

If you find yourself completely in love with the color, the best way to include the lemon yellow would be right at the entrance. Paint the color of the door in this bright shade, you will surely see some heads turn (definitely in a positive sense).

Colored Cupboard

yellow cupboard design

Another way of including color to your room is by painting your cupboard with this bright color. Lemon yellow offers the biggest advantage of not needing much accessorizing to polish and transform the entire look.

Trying to experiment with a single color for the decor of your home can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging and difficult. The key here is to not to buy and include big pieces but to enhance the look minimally. And if you feel your home can pull off a complete lemon yellow bed with lemon yellow curtains, then might be it can. Be confident with your style and your home will reflect the same.

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