Attaining a glamorous look in a modern styled space will give you the most stunning results. Chandelier designs have a charming way of bringing light to your space while at the same time making it look extra stylish and with lots of character. In modern design minimalistic moods are a must and so are luxurious lighting fixtures. Keep on reading to find out more about the modern chandeliers that we put together for you today.

Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers come in many designs. You can see them featuring in drum designs as well as in fountains giving a stylish tone to every modern look. Go for a glamorous design to create a statement piece with eye catching qualities. You may also see Crystal Chandelier Designs

Modern Crystal Dining Room Chandelier

modern crystal dining room chandelier

Contemporary Modern Crystal Chandelier

contemporary modern crystal chandelier

Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

No matter what you choose for your dining room, modern designs will always give you elegance in a mix of modern art. Create a stylish blend of metal, crystal or glass that will make your space look interesting and unique. You may also see Dining Room Chandelier Designs

Modern Dining Room Brown Chandelier

modern dining room brown chandelier

Modern Dining Room White Crystal Chandelier

modern dining room white crystal chandelier

Modern Glass Chandelier Designs

Glass can give you stunning looks and perfect style with a modern chandelier design. These chandeliers have a way of changing the look of a space in a unique way incorporating transparency and modern design. From fountains to tiers you can choose any.

Modern Glass Round Shape Chandelier

modern glass round shape chandelier

Small Modern Glass Chandelier Design

small modern glass chandelier design

Modern Chandeliers for Living Room

Entertain your guests in a stunning living room complete with a modern chandelier. There is a great variety of designs that come in materials like metal, fabrics, glass and crystal bringing you fabulous designs to decorate your living room wit. You may also see Living Room Chandelier Light Designs

Modern Ceiling Chandelier for Living Room

modern ceiling chandelier for living room

Simple Modern Chandelier for Living Room

simple modern chandelier for living room

Outdoor Modern Chandeliers

The shape of the chandelier can determine the mood of an outdoor space. You can choose a design that has multiple lamps that hang in various levels to add depth in your space. Create a visually interesting space for effect. You may also see Outdoor Chandelier Designs

Modern Outdoor Patio Chandelier Design

outdoor patio modern chandelier design

Modern Rectangular Chandeliers

Rectangular chandeliers are ideal over a kitchen island or a dining table in order to create a balanced look. They are available in many stunning materials like glass, metal, fabrics and crystals bringing you a huge variety to choose from.

Modern Rectangular Glass Chandelier

modern rectangular glass chandelier

Modern Rectangular Kitchen Chandelier

modern rectangular kitchen chandelier

DIY Modern Chandelier Designs

People with an inclination to crafts will surely be interested into creating their own modern chandelier design. With the right materials and the correct tools you can make stunning chandeliers for every space of your house and be proud of them. You may also see Wood Chandelier Designs

DIY Modern Chandelier for Dining Room

diy modern chandelier for dining room

Modern Kitchen Chandelier Designs

A design with multiple lamps will give you more light for your kitchen while also adding to its style. You can find incredible pieces with beautiful materials like crystals that you can use for your kitchen over the island space.

Modern Kitchen Crystal Chandelier

modern kitchen crystal chandelier

Modern Kitchen Glass Chandelier Design

modern kitchen glass chandelier design

Design by Janof Architecture

Farmhouse Modern Chandeliers

If you like mixing styles then the farmhouse designs are going to amaze you. You can choose a design made of wood or oil brushed bronze that will give you a stunning look with minimalistic ambience for a modern approach.

Large Modern Chandelier for Farmhouse

modern farmhouse large rectangular chandelier

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Chandelier

modern farmhouse bathroom chandelier

Modern Pendant Chandelier Designs

Modern pendants come with an artistic twist that makes your space look fantastic. You can go for any material that might suit your space’s furnishings to add to the modern style in both color and elegance bringing a different design. You may also see Contemporary Chandelier Designs

Modern Pendant Chandelier for Kitchen

modern pendant chandelier for kitchen

Cool Modern Pendant Chandelier Design

cool modern pendant chandelier design

From the basement to the dining room chandeliers you can find a great selection of modern designs in order to complete your space. Integrating materials like metal, glass, crystal and wood you can achieve stunning designs that will shed light in every corner of your house with style and minimalism.

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