Looking for a unique globe chandelier idea for your newly renovated living room? They come in a variety of styles, textures and materials and each of them create a lighting that can transform the space into a unique ambiance. You must have seen several restaurants (especially the Chinese ones) hang these spherical chandeliers from the ceiling. Well, you can also have it in your porch, living room or even your office. This is a highly flexible form of lighting and offered in endless varieties. Check out some of the most unique ones below:

Crystal Globe Chandelier Lights

Crystal Globe Chandelier Lights grossmanphoto.com

Hung from the roof, this is a really creative and unique way to make a lighting fixture, the centerpiece of your room. The chandelier sports transparent plastic/glass material on the lower half of the sphere and has just enough crystals on the upper half to complete the globe and ably support the form and weight. You can also see Crystal Chandelier Designs

Diy Globe Chandelier Lamps

Diy Globe Chandelier Lampslaurauinteriordesign.com

Globe chandeliers are one of the easiest lighting fixtures to make and offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to materials. All you need to have is a transparent / semi transparent globe form and a room for a bulb holder on the top. In this case, the DIY chandelier has been made from the regular art and craft materials like laces, beads and tapes.

Globe Chandelier Bulbs

Globe Chandelier Bulbs Design by :Mid Mod Mom

In this example, the designer has used a complete glass ball with holder fixed at the top. The spherical glass surface helps spread the light effectively and creates an ambient environment to eat, sleep or dream in!

Antique Globe Chandelier

Antique Globe Chandelier livingstoneconstruction.com

Not a solid globe, but several complete circles, made from wires/aluminum frames, creates the perfect outline. Here, the equatorial circle has been further customized to act as light holders and it creates unique play of shadow and light in the whole room.

Acrylic Globe Chandelier

Acrylic Globe Chandelier morriswoodhouse.com

This is creativity at its best! The globe is actually created by connecting several light bulbs to a central core connector. When lit, this could act as the main lighting source in the room and also create a unique play of shadow and light. You can also see Sputnik Chandelier

Bubble Globe Chandelier Design

Bubble Globe Chandelier Design kellecontine.com

In this example, the globe chandelier light isn’t just a single sphere but several spheres of varying sizes, clustered together. Oval in shape, the transparent chandeliers create the illusion of lit up bubbles stuck in the roof!

Brass Globe Chandelier Lights

Brass Globe Chandelier LightsDesign by : Dawna Jones Design

As opposed to the regular materials used for chandelier design, here the artist has used brass strips to create a semi transparent globe. During daytime, this will look like a unique addition to the overall décor of the house and at night, the charm is certainly out of this world!

Globe Cage Chandelier

Globe Cage Chandelier mhouseinc.com

Here the globe frame is made from several full circles concentrating around a central axis. Using more than one light bulb fixture, this hanging chandelier is certain different than any other kind of exotic lighting you have ever come across.

Newbury Antique Brass Chandelier

Newbury Antique Brass Chandelier kaleidoscopecolorconsulting.com

Here, the globe chandelier has been conceived out of small transparent glass crystals. When lit up, it creates a unique lighting throughout the house. Even when you switch off the lights, the crystal ball looks unique in its space.

Globe Chandelier Design

Globe Chandelier Design lawtondesignstudio.com

Made out of recycled paper, there’s a unique illusion in this globe. The surface looks to be created by straw strands and looks just like the surface of the moon when seen from a telescope! Well, you are always under the grace of a full moon inside your house now!

Modern Chandelier Light idea

Modern Chandelier Light idea Design by : Interiors Group of SW Florida

If you have a circular ceiling, this unique chandelier could be the perfect centerpiece you have been looking for. Made from circular strips of metal joined together to form a spherical shape, this will create a royal ambiance in your living room.

Trendy Globe Chandelier Idea

Trendy Globe Chandelier Idea feliciabushman.com

String Globe Chandelier

String Globe Chandelier Design by : J Kennedy Design

Traditional Globe Chandelier

Traditional Globe Chandelier Design by : BayWorks Construction, Inc.

White Globe Crystal Chandelier

White Globe Crystal Chandelier crescendodesigns.com

Round Globe Sphere Chandelier

Round Globe Sphere Chandelierskale.com.au

Circular Sphere Globe Chandelier

Circular Sphere Globe Chandelier nsinteriors.com

Small Glass Globe Chandelier

Small Glass Globe Chandelier robinpelissier.com

Globe Chandelier Lighting

Globe Chandelier Lighting alluringinteriors.ca

Wood Globe Chandelier

Wood Globe Chandelier dreamhousestudios.net

Globe chandeliers can be made from several other materials too. Wood chandeliers especially look unique if you have a rustic interior to go with it. Sputnik chandeliers are another unique form of this lighting idea.

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