When one is looking for some nice lighting designs for bedrooms, there are several things that need to be kept in mind. The lighting should be arranged in such a manner that it is neither too dark, nor too bright, in the bedroom.

Beautiful Bedroom with Ceiling Lights

beautiful bedroom design with ceiling lights


Cool White Bedroom with Bedside Lamps

cool white bedroom with bedside lamps


Contemporary Bedroom with Rich Lighting Design

contemporary bedroom with rich lighting design

Svetlana Filippova Art & Design

Too much of darkness inside the room is not a good idea at all. It impedes you from doing many important things. When you are reading or picking out that perfect dress for some occasion, too much of darkness hinders it all. So it is a no-no.

White Bedroom with Black Wall Lamps

white bedroom design with black wall lamp


Feature Light Design in Spacious Bedroom

feature light design in spacious bedroom

Jasmine McClelland Design

Modern Master Bedroom with Pendant Lights

modern master bedroom with pendant lights

Photo by Jennifer Boomer

Nice Bedroom with Contemporary Light Fixture

nice bedroom with contemporary light fixture

Photo by Stephanie Diani

Trendy Master Bedroom with Artistic Metal Lights

trendy master bedroom with artistic metal lights

Griffith Interior Design LLC

Gray Bedroom with Mirrored Ball Lighting

gray bedroom with mirrored ball lighting


Master Bedroom with Laser Cut Light Above the Bed

master bedroom with laser cut light above the bed

Angelica Henry Design

Simple Bedroom with Hanging Bedside Lights

simple bedroom with unique lighting design

Photo by Jennifer Boomer

Gray and White Bedroom with Funny Lighting Idea

gray and white bedroom with funny lighting design

Joseph Parisi Interiors

Stylish Master Bedroom with Artemide Lighting

stylish master bedroom with artemide lighting

Photo by Margot Hartford

Rustic Master Bedroom with Metal Lights

rustic master bedroom with metal lights

Angelica Henry Design

Cozy Bedroom with Globe Pendant Lights

cozy bedroom with globe pendant lights

Photo by Lulu Designs

Lighting should be arranged in such a manner that it covers all the areas in your bedroom, wherever it is necessary. One should opt for a number of light bulbs of lower watts instead of using a single light source of higher wattage. The former would save you a lot of energy.

Dreamy White Bedroom with Floor Lamp Lighting

dreamy white bedroom with floor lamp lighting


Mid Century Bedroom Lighting Design

mid century bedroom lighting design


Transitional Bedroom with Charming Chandelier Light

transitional bedroom with charming chandelier lighting

Clean Design Partners

Rustic Lighting Touches in Modern Bedroom

rustic lighting touches in modern bedroom

Photo by Adam Larkey

String Light Hangings in Master Bedroom

string light hangings in master bedroom

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth

Bedroom Design with Star Shape Light

star shape light in simple bedroom design

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth

If you are a reading freak, you can go for reading lamp near your bed. A nice light stand near your reading place would also do. One should choose fluorescent light bulbs for the master bedroom designs. Perks are that they are of lower wattage and are cooler than other light bulbs.

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