Looking for unique table lamp designs? Contemporary table lamps always give the perfect finishing touch to your interior décor apart from acting as a functional installation. The best thing about contemporary lamps is their availability in a vast selection of designs that suit every kind of style preference and budgets. From unique designs that easily grab attention and are representative to the regular understated lamps, finding the right table lamp for your room shouldn’t be a hard task. Let’s check out some unique designs available in the market.

Black Table Lamp Design

black table lamp design

Design by : Shaw Coates

Not the usual choice, a black table lamp could be the most unique piece of installation in your living room. Just make sure that it isn’t only the table lamp that’s black. As shown in this example, the black lamp sheds rightly compliments that black bed posts in this contemporary bedroom layout.

Brass Table Lamp Decor

brass table lamp decor


Brass Table lamps in intricate designs look highly sophisticated. Apart from having rustic appeal, they also facilitate warm lighting, perfect to create a subdued ambiance in your room. If your living room design largely follows an earthly scheme, brass table lamps could be a great addition to the theme.

Candlestick Table Lamp Idea

candlestick table lamp


This is another unique choice for a table lamp design. The lamp stand comes more elongated than the average lamp available in the market. Representing a candle placed over a holder, the complete texture looks delicate. While this lamp will attract all the curiosity during the day, they will be able to create a unique ambiance after dark.

Contemporary Ceramic Table Lamp

contemporary ceramic table lamp


Ceramic table lamps can be expensive but is a highly gorgeous choice of material. If your living room largely follows a chic modern décor, these ceramic lamps can be a great addition to the scheme. As seen in this example, the four ceramic lamps here also meet the need of complete illumination.

Glass Table Lamp Design

glass table lamp design


Glass lamps have always been an unusual but creative choice for living room décor. In this example, the glass lamp comes with a potted base. The overhanging straw roof/cover for the lamp creates a partially warm light. Further, the glass base also adds to the dramatic illumination created by the lamp.

Contemporary Table Lamp Shades

contemporary table lamp shades


Another example how you can choose a colored glass for the bas of your contemporary table lamp. Here, the shade again comes in an earthly texture and creates a warm ambiance. Having a pair of such lights in your small living room should be enough illumination to cover all corners. However, you can always add other unique lighting fixtures to cover more space.

Furniture Table Lamp Idea

bedside table lamp idea

Design by : Alexander Design Group

In this example, we see how the table lamp takes the form of a completely new form of installation. The stand of the light represents a big tripod where the camera is replaced by the lamp shed. It could be a perfect way to make your unique lamps, the highlight of the room and achieving a dynamic décor scheme. You can also see Wooden DIY Lamp Designs

Small Table Lamp Decor

small table lamp decor


Depending on the space in your room and the area you are looking to cover, you can have more than one table lamps to meet the needs of illumination. Small table lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it should be a problem to integrate them into the desired space.

Living Room Lamp Idea

living room lamp idea


In this case, two different types of table lamps have been installed into the space to create a unique ambiance. While one comes with an intricate glass base, the other has a long pole for a stand. However, both table lamps are fixed at the same height to bring in symmetry to the arrangement.

Square Jar Table Lamp

square jar table lamp


Table Lamp 3d Model

table lamp 3d model


Large Honey Pot Table Lamp

large honey pot table lamp


Bedside Bedroom Table Lamp

bedside bedroom table lamp


Contemporary Black Lamp Table

contemporary black lamp table


Blue Color Pot Lamp Idea

blue color pot lamp idea


Modern Table Lamp Design

modern and contemporary table lamp


Ornate Style Table Lamp

contemporary ornate style table lamp

Design by Chris Snook

Modern Table Lamp Shade

modern table lamp idea

Design by : FORMA Design

Led Desk Lamp Idea

led desk lamp idea

Design by : Eminent Interior Design

Ceramic Jar Table Lamp

ceramic jar table lamp


Found something unique for your own living room? Whether it is a nightstand lamp or a decorative fixture you are looking for, the choices in this case are never ending. This should help you stick to budget and be creative at the same time!

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