Table lamps are a lovely design element to any room in order to furnish the room and make it feel like home, but they also add a useful purpose, as they are not as harsh as the main light of the room. These table lighting designs offer a huge range of options so that you can find the right lamp design for your room to make it feel much more homely, and light the area with a soft light when needed. You may also See Outdoor Rope Light Designs

Modern Table Lamps

modern table lamps

Dick Clark + Associates

Modern table lamps are usually a much sleeker and more contemporary design. They are much more minimalistic and come in more artistic shapes than traditional lamps, and are an excellent addition to any modern styled room to add light.

Crystal Table Lamps

crystal table lamps

Smith Firestone Associates

Crystal table lamps use crystal elements to the lamp and can provide a beautiful rainbow light effect when the light hits the crystals. These lamp designs are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms to add a beautiful design element.

Small Table Lamps

small table lamps

Lea Frank Design

Small table lamps are a great way of adding a source of light to small or busy desks. These lamps are more compact and lightweight than traditional lamps but still offer the same amount of light.

Bedside Table Lamps

bedside table lamps

Bedside table lamps usually come in pairs so that you can have a lamp on either side of the bed. These lamps come in many different styles and designs so that you can find the perfect lamp to fit in with the design of your bedroom.

Rustic Table Lamps

rustic table lamps

Alexander Pollock Interiors

Rustic table lamps are traditionally made from some kind of wood and serve as a design element to a room, as well as a light source, so that you can tie the theme of the room together and create a comfortable, rustic feel.

Industrial Table Lamp

industrial table lamp

Chris Snook

Industrial table lamps are usually created from reclaimed materials in order to give a more unique design. These lamp designs are more suited for loft apartments and hipster styled homes.

Outdoor Table Lamps

outdoor table lamps

Dayna Katlin Interiors

Outdoor lamp designs are typically a candle holder design that accentuates the image of the flame to create a beautiful design element to the table, and adds extra light to an evening outdoors.

Vintage Table Lamp

vintage table lamps

Allan Edwards Builder Inc

Vintage table lamps usually use the traditional styles and designs of lamps used in the past in order to add a vintage design element to any room. A vintage style of lamp is the perfect addition to a more traditional theme of home.

Living Room Table Lamps

living room table lamps

sullivan + associates architects

Living room lamps are usually very simply designed, and offer a softer light source so that you can watch films and television without the light producing a glare, but still enough light that you can see properly.

Country Table Lamps

country table lamps

Blackband Design

Country table lamps can be made from masonry jars, traditional lanterns, and many other reused objects to give a unique yet country feel. These lamps are perfect for any room in a country home, as it adds a beautiful country feel to any room to tie the design elements together. You may also See Dining Room Ceiling Light Designs

Traditional Table Lamps

traditional table lamps

Canon & Dean

Traditional lamps are usually made from porcelain or a metal base, with a large, round, cream light shade. These styles of lamp design can be used in any design of room to create an elegant and traditional feel.

Kids Table Lamps

kids table lamps

Witt Construction

Many kid’s table lamps are a smaller version of the traditional desk light, and available in many different colours. The bright colours and scaled down size of this lamp makes them perfect for a child’s room or desk area to add light.

Square Table Lamps

square table lamps

Phil Kean Design Group

Square table lamps are a bit more modern, and provide a sleek design element to any style of room. The square shape of the lamp adds a beautiful design element to the room.

Round Table Lamps

round table lamps

Sacha Jacq Interiors LLC

Round table lights can come as round lights, or as glass spheres in order to add a different design to the room. These designs are unique and can create a more modern and edgy feel to a room, whilst still providing a light source.

Wooden Table Lamps

wooden table lamps

Schranghamer Design Group, LLC

Wooden table lamps usually consist of a carved wooden base with a shade. These lamp designs are perfect for a simply designed home, as it adds a little twist in the design of the room.

These table lamp designs offer options for everyone, and we are confident that these lighting designs will offer you the inspiration that you need to create a truly homely and comfortable feel to any room. These lights can be used in any room, as they are very versatile and will fit in with any design or theme of room. You may also See Hallway Ceiling Light Designs

Why are Table Lamps Used?

Table lamps offer the option of a much softer light, which is preferable when reading, watching television, or when simply relaxing as it helps to ease the mind.

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