Transitional room design is ideal for people who want the best of the old and new worlds. However, one needs to be careful not to overdo it on either side of the spectrum. Being conservative is key to transitional design. Traditional curves and flows need to blend with modern angles and lines to create a harmonious elegant dining room design whose elements do not obviously belong to different eras.

Beautiful Transitional Dining Room Design

beautiful transitional dining room design

Transitional Dining Room with Open Layout

transitional dining room with open layout

Transitional Dining Room With Fireplace

transitional dining room with fireplace

Start with a dining table set made of polished wood with straight lines and subdued curves. Get bronze or copper containers for you salt and pepper shakers. Table napkins can be patterned or have floral prints. Flowers are timeless and vases of your favorite blooms will only enhance the atmosphere. Do not use a traditional window design, though you can make it up by giving the curtains a conventional flavor.

Transitional Green Dining Room

transitional green dining room

Photo By: Anthony Lindsey

Neutral Transitional Dining Room Design

neutral transitional dining room design

Simple Neutral Transitional Dining Room Design

simple neutral transitional dining room design

Photo by Troy Beasley

Transitional Glassy Dining Room

transitional glassy dining room

Brown Transitional Dining Room Design

brown transitional dining room design

A stainless steel or marble kitchen counter would be a fitting complement to the dining table and also to the modern kitchen design appliances. Use a combination of stainless steel shelves and wooden cabinets or metal cupboards interspersed with wooden shelves. The artwork on the walls should reflect your taste, be it period or contemporary. Have a side table that matches the dining table for one or two table lamps and may be picture frame or two.

Transitional Blue Dining Room Design

transitional blue dining room design

Photo by Troy Beasley

Transitional Neutral Dining Room

transitional neutral dining room

Photo By: Anthony Lindsey

Transitional White Neutral Dining Room

transitional white neutral dining room

Elegant Transitional Dining Room Design

elegant transitional dining room design

Large Circular Table in Transitional Dining Room

large circular table in transitional dining room

Transitional Dining Room with Decorative Chairs

transitional dining room with decorative chairs

Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Transitional Dining Room Design With Modern Art

transitional dining room design with modern art

Baker Design Group

Transitional Dining Room With Green Shades

transitional dining room with green shades

Photo By: Albert Law

Transitional Dining Room Design in Blue and White

transitional dining room design in blue and white

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Transitional Dining Room With Heirloom Rug

transitional dining room with heirloom rug

Baker Design Group

Transitional Blue Chairs Dining Room Design

transitional blue chairs dining room design

Transitional Dining Room With White Wainscoting

transitional dining room with white wainscoting

Transitional Dining Room Great for Entertaining

transitional dining room great for entertaining

Martin Kobus Design

Transitional Dining Room With Industrial Flair

transitional dining room with industrial flair

Marie Burgos Design

Transitional Green Dining Room design With Chandelier

transitional green dining room design with chandelier

Transitional Dining Room with Tropical Accents

transitional dining room with tropical accents

The flooring might be necessarily of the same material and pattern as the rest of the house, though you could use some other material if the furniture and walls ask for it. If you hang a chandelier above the dining table, make sure it does not look overly modern nor too ornate. In a transitional setting candle chandeliers will work as well as conventional electric bulbs.

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