Green is a beautiful color. Most people love green because it reminds them of nature. If you want to bring the beauty of nature into your home, you can use it as a motif for your interior design. For instance, a green dining room would certainly look great and inviting. The following are some of the best ideas for green dining room design.

Vintage Style Green Dining Room

vintage style green dining room

Crisp Architects

This dining room has walls colored in green and white. The paint color is called Ball Green and it is like avocado green in a lighter shade. The ceiling and the window frames are also in white, making the room a very nice and cool place to have meals. To provide the vintage appeal, traditional dining set and cabinet in rich dark wood are used.

Small Dining Room Furniture Design

small dining room furniture design

This small dining area has a nice light green wall color matched by the richness of the dark brown of the furniture pieces (table, and cabinet). The two head chairs used are different from the rest, creating a really nice setup. A small rectangular mirror is placed on the green wall and it is accented by the two lamps set on the cabinet. Additional lighting is provided by the pillar candle chandelier.

Modern Dining Room with Green Wall

modern dining room with green wall

Koch Architects, Inc

This modern dining room has a bright and sunny appeal thanks to the apple green color of the walls. Natural light is achieved through the three sets of French doors attached to one wall that leads to a veranda or a porch. And the French casement windows on the next wall perfectly match the doors.

Farmhouse Dining Room Interior

farmhouse dining room interior

This dining area is not your typical farmhouse interior. It has elements that speak innovation and uniqueness. For instance, the table is a true masterpiece with those building foundation legs that totally contrast the top. The mismatching of the chairs is a great idea, as well as the couches and coffee table set on the side. The light green color on the top part of the walls is well-matched with the white in the lower parts.

Contemporary Dining Room with White Furniture

contemporary dining room with white furniture

This is indeed one contemporary dining room. The white furniture stands out, not just because of the color but because of the uniqueness in the chairs. The large glass encased chandelier is also something truly speaks modern design, as well as the hanging orange sideboard on the green wall.

Unique Dining Room with Wooden Chairs

unique dining room with wooden chairs

Wood is simply all over this uniquely designed dining room. The dining table and chairs perfectly matched the rest of the room, while the green on the walls beautifully fit among the natural wood color of everything else. The rectangular glass encased chandelier is also a good choice to provide light over the rectangular table.

Bright Green and White Dining Room

bright green and white dining room

Eberlein Design Consultants Ltd

This dining room is glowing in green. First of, the Deep Jungle green color used on the walls is simply too elegant and is matched by the green fabrics used for the curtains and the chair upholstery. The use of white for the ceiling, lower walls and window frames perfectly balanced off the greenness of the room.

Awesome Dining Room Decorating Idea

awesome dining room decorating idea

Eberlein Design Consultants Ltd

This dining room has two doors, one that leads to the rest of the house and the other (French door) leads to the beautiful outdoors. This dining room is definitely a great sanctuary for nature lovers. The natural green of the outside world is brought inside through the striped green wallpaper and the printed green curtains. The brightly colored rug provide a magnificent contrast and a great base for the polished wood dining set.

Traditional Green Dining Room Design

traditional green dining room design

Great Rooms Designers & Builders

This small spaced dining room is minimally furnished with round table and four chairs. To make things a little interesting, the chairs do not match the table – polished brown table and black painted wooden chairs. The paint on the wall is called Dill Pickle and it ideally matches the white ceiling and the dark oak wood flooring.

Transitional Dining Room with Decorative Wall

transitional dining room with decorative wall

The walls of this dining are decorated with printed wallpaper in green, and this design is matched perfectly by the prints of the fabrics used for the curtains and the chair upholstery. The simplicity of the rug is ideally contrasted by the luxury if the crystal chandelier.

Light Green Tropical Dining Room

light green tropical dining room

Photo by LeAnne Ash

Decorative Wall Art Dining Room

decorative wall art dining room

Retro Dining Room with Chandelier

retro dining room with chandelier

Beautiful Dining Room with Designed Chairs

beautiful dining room with designed chairs

Rachel Bauer Design LLC

Simple Dining Room with Teak Table

simple dining room with teak table

Crisp Architects

Spacious Dining Room Furniture

spacious dining room furniture design

Small Farmhouse Dining Room

small farmhouse dining room

Lake View Dining Room Design

lake view dining room design

Robert Legere Design

Eclectic Dining Room with Colorful Carpet

eclectic dining room with colorful carpet

Mark Radcliff interior

Sliding Barn Door for Dining Room

sliding barn door for dining room

Weaver Custom Homes

Mint Green Dining Room Idea

mint green dining room idea

Murphy & Co. Design

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