Every year since 2000, Pantone has chosen a color that reflects the current cultural climate. This year, with the environment and related issues taking a much bigger concern, the color green has been chosen as the color of the year. Green symbolizes new beginnings and since the new year is approaching, why not begin it by including the color of the year in your sweet abode? We have few lookbooks that would guide you and help you bring in the spring to your home.

1. Living room

living room 2

A living room is the first space that your guests generally get introduced with. Whether it is a party or a small get-together, it is the living room that reflects the character of your home. It tells a lot about you as a person. Including green in your living room in much easier than including it in the kitchen as you have a lot of scope in terms of interior decoration. Play with walls and sofa set, keep one of the two neutral and the other green. If the couch is neutral, include green cushions and pillows. Do include beautiful planters to bring in more greenery to the living room.

Shop The Look:

Vallentuna Sofa – $ 1,385
Penny Woven Macrame Wall Hanging – $ 79
Parker Planter – $ 59
Original Painted Agapanthus Study – $ 895
Melanie Velvet Sofa – $ 898
Faux Moth Orchid in Planter – $ 385.00

2. Bedroom

bed room

Unlike the living room, the bedroom is your private space. The interior of your bedroom is an extension of your own personality. It is obvious that the green brings in a lot of positivity and vibrancy to any space. Including green in your bedroom for a soothing effect. The easiest way to do that is through sheets, pillows, quilts, and curtains. Sprint or flower pattern sheets would instantly bring in the vibrancy of spring. Include shade loving plants in your bedroom to give it a more natural feel. A dream catcher has nothing to do with spring and green but, it can add on to the interiors and can bring a touch of playfulness and positivity. Some great decor elements and a beautiful lampshade will add taste and personality to your bedroom interior.

Shop The Look:

The Noe Green – $ 159
The Chevron Seafoam Green Quilt & Sham – $ 169
Adelphi Metal Planter – $ 18
The Cloud Seafoam Green Quilt & Sham – $ 169
Elsie Von Craft Gold Foil Monstera Leaf Art Print – $ 39
Fran Rodriguez Holy Night Art Print – $ 399
Magical Thinking Double Star Dreamcatcher – $ 24
Carmen Flecked Woven Rug – $ 119
Alexi Printed Rug – $ 159
Industrial Wall Mirror – $ 39
Small Cactus Decor – $ 18
Min Bedside Table With Shelf – $ 655

3. Dining Room

dining 1

Dining room is a space for family gathering. A space where everyone gets together to enjoy good food and great conversations. Adding green to your dining room will bring in simplicity and elegance. Add a hint of green with green chairs and chair pads. Plants and flowers always enhances the interior and make the green interior look much more natural. Add in green through decor objects like photo frames, flower vase, lamps, etc. If you already have many green elements do not include a green rug.

Shop The Look:

Modernica Side Shell Chair – $ 398
Ruth Dining Chair Set – $ 429
Paltrow Double Pedestal Table – $ 2,499
Rosalea 2Light Capiz Shell Chandelier – $ 297
John-Richard Collection Prynne Credenza – $ 3,749
Jay Strongwater Orchid & Leaf Lamp – $ 5,000
John-Richard Collection Brodie Cedar Faux Greenery – $1,100
Jay Strongwater Orchid Vase – $ 325
Paradise Indoor/Outdoor Rug – $ 349
Orchids in Glass Faux-Floral Arrangement – $ 485

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