A Christmas Tree is the main attraction of the holiday season. It becomes the centrepiece of our interior. Decorating a Christmas Tree is a great activity and can bring your family closer. However, it is important to have a decoration plan before time as last minute preparation can be chaotic. There is still ample time remaining and we are here with some exciting ideas for Christmas tree decoration. They are easy and you and your family are going to have lots of fun indulging in the process.

1. Fancy Lighting

Christmas is positivity and what better way to symbolize that other than some beautiful bright fancy lights on your Christmas tree.

2. Pinecones

Pinecone and winter go hand in hand. Pinecone is also a great design element because of its rustic appeal and interesting pattern. Adding it to your Christmas tree will give it a more earthy appeal.

3. Flowers

Not many people do this but we would surely suggest you to try this. Decorate your tree with beautiful flowers. Use a variety of flowers and arrange them in a regular pattern for the decoration to look neat and organized.

4. Vintage Lighting

The appeal of winter can never let you down. There are many modern decorative elements available these days but the grace of vintage lights can never fade away. This is a simple decoration idea with much better results.

5. Candies and Sweets

If you have kids at your home or in the neighborhood then this is a must try idea for Christmas tree decoration. There are ample kinds of candies available with interesting and beautiful packing. Use them to decorate the tree and later on may be you can go ahead and please your sweet tooth.

6. Snowflakes

It is difficult to not associate Christmas with snow. So dash through the snow by creating beautiful snowflakes and using them as your decor elements to decorate the Xmas tree.

7. Glow and Glimmer

Don’t be afraid to include glow and glimmer on you Xmas tree. Christmas demands glow and shine and we must abide by it. A glowing Christmas tree would certainly lift up your spirits and fill in the dark sides of your souls.

8. Matching surroundings

This is a great idea for a perfect Christmas interior. Either match you tree with the surroundings or try and match your surroundings with the tree. You can do that by surrounding the tree by various decoration objects that matches with the tree.

9. Tree of Memories

Christmas is a family holiday and any family reunion is incomplete without the revival of old memories. Let your Christmas Tree do the revival this time. Hang in some of the most memorable pictures on the Christmas tree and let the nostalgia bring your family closer.

10. Spraypainting

This idea can help you get a single toned color all over the tree. You can also do this if you feel your tree has faded from different sections. Spraying is easy, fast and gets better result. Experiment with different colors to come out with an interesting decoration. Do not forget to use non-toxic paints.

11. Traditional and Natural

This is our personal favourite decoration ideas here. Ditch the usual decoration objects and go natural this year. You’ll have to prepare well in advance for this. Take your favourite fruits and dry them. Once they are dried hand them on the Christmas Tree. Try and include different colors with different natural objects.

12. Stars

Stars are the classic Christmas Tree decoration object and we suggest you to embrace it. They provide a very soft touch to the decoration and their appeal is just irreplaceable.

13. Color Coding

Include as many colors as possible. Don’t hesitate in including some bold bright hues to your tree. Even if your interiors are not very brightly colored, having a brightly colored tree would compliment the interiors.

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