Do you have tin cans lying around at house doing nothing but creating a mess? We gather numerous amount of aluminum cans, mostly from the packaged food and beverages that we purchase on an everyday basis. The problem arises when the cans are required to be recycled, which is a major challenge. With the number of environment issues compiling every day it has become very important to make conscious choices. Today we are going to be giving you ideas on how can you reuse your tin cans and make beautiful decorative pieces out of them and can also use it to enhance your interior design.

Stationary Holder

tin can decorations

We all tend to misplace stationary items easily. Isn’t it? Next time you should use your spacious cans to organize your stationary. Take a cardboard and fix your cans over it with the help of hot glue gun. Hot glue will provide it more durability. Paint the cardboard and the cans, you can use acrylic as well as spray paints. This holder is perfect for office usage too.

Flower Pot

tin can flower pot

tin can craft ideas diy purple flower decorated garden table centerpiece vases

We recently presented a list of DIYs to create flower vase, here is an extension. You can use the aluminium tins as flower pots. Paint them with you favorite color with any pattern of your choice. You can hang them in your balcony or decorate you garden, the options are numerous.

Bird Feeder

bird feeder

If you are a morning person who enjoys his/her morning coffee with chirps of birds around them then this idea is a must try for you. Create a bird feeder from your tin can. Paint and decorate your can with bright colors and hang it to a place you think will attract birds the most. Fill the can with bird food and fix a stick to make a place for birds to sit. Use the picture given above for reference.

Candle Holder


Small size cans are perfect for this DIY, whoever if you have candles that are big in size you can use large size cans too. Create holes in the tin can and paint the can. When you light the candles the effect created by the tiny holes will be beautiful. Be experimentative and create your own design with the holes.


tin can chandelier


Chandelier makes interiors look beautiful but they can be heavy for our pockets. If only you could create them yourself. Use your tins and light up your place. Drill the bottom of the tin can to fix the light holder inside the tin. Once this is done just decorate the tin and fix the connection. Your brand new chandelier is ready.

Cutlery Holder

porta talheres latinhas

This is similar to the stationary holder. Use your old chopping board as a stand and fix the tin cans over the board. Paint them with acrylic color and varnish the board. Be creative and design your own pattern when coloring the cans. Once the boards and the tin cans are all colored and dried down, you can place your cutlery. This can be a multipurpose holder and you can also use it as your utensil or knife holder.

Yarn Storage

yarn container

People who like knitting and do it very often know that with every project there comes some leftover yarn. In order to manage the leftovers as well as the fresh yarn, you can use your tin cans and make a yarn holder out of these cans. They also help you easily find the color that you need at given time.

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