For starters, we don’t want our lovely Jewish friends to think that the gleaming Christmas lights and the Thankful celebration have made us overlook the feast of dedication, Hanukkah. Falling on December 24, the festival of lights is all about commemorating the past with an extraordinary celebration. From elegant ombré candles to dessert table banner we have today picked out the 10 essential Hanukkah decorations that will transform and adorn your dining space.

1. Williams-Sonoma Blue Mosaic Tumblers

williams sonoma blue mosaic tumblers

The soft blue glass tumblers with their beautiful lacework pattern are not just an elegant piece to display as a stunning visual element on the table but also as year round decorative piece in the home.

2. Pier 1 Imports Menorah Mantel Scarf

pier 1 imports menorah mantel scarf

Give a comprehensive and decorative touch to the space with this mantel scarf to cover the fireplace. The blue and white scarf when paired with other holiday decorations and family mementos will add further warmth to the hearth as well as the room.

3. Hanukkah Polka Dot Menorah Candles

hanukkah polka dot menorah candles

Do we even need to explain the beautiful significance of these polka dot candles? In the rich shade of blue, the candles include mini tapers sufficient for the eight nights festival of light.

4. Pottery Barn Hanukkah Table Runner

pottery barn hanukkah table runner

This deep blue, bordered table runner is a luxurious addition to making at your dinner table. Woven with 100% cotton, the border is printed with symbolic wheat and floral motifs and dotted with dreidels. The midsection is left empty making your serve ware shine right through the table.

5. Blue Napkins


You can also use subtle blue colored napkins as an addition to the dinner table. Numbered for all the eight nights, the napkins are simple and minimally adorned for a subtle get-together.

6. Miracles Mantel

miracles mantel

Metal certainly has a Midas touch and you can make it out instantly with these shimmery gold miracle mantels. Beautifully adorned in the transparent cups, the look is of gold complements the blue decor pieces.

7. Hanukkah Gift Boxes

hanukkah gift boxes

Personalized and small Hanukkah gifts are a must for the guest coming over. Pack the small and personal token of love in cute little boxes wrapped with the blue paper that matches the color scheme of the decor. Place these small gifts with individual tags over the plates before the meals to give the guests a warm and hearty welcome.

8. West Elm Cast Metal Menorah

west elm cast metal menorah

The matte-black metal menorah not just brightens and elevates the room but also act as a beautiful centerpiece for the table and the home. The extended base will easily collect and catch the wax drippings in turn saving your precious table runner.

9. Gold + Patterns

gold patterns

Try and add a decorative pattern to the Hanukkah decor by introducing it simply on your plates. You can even bring in the extra depth by opting for different shades of the same color. This turquoise-toned zigzag plate is beautifully complemented and balanced with warm gold accents that bring in the shine while maintaining the warmth.

10. Winter Flowers

winter flowers

Lilies are by far the most appropriate choice for winter decoration. For the perfect Hanukkah decor, try and place the lilies in metallic vases made of classic materials such as mercury glass. There could be nothing more beautiful than white complemented with metallic gold and blue decor.

Give a classic and modern touch to the traditional Hanukkah table with a beautiful mix of metal and blue.

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