A spiritual tattoo is a way of protection against anything evil as well as for spiritual boosting. A part of the spiritual tattoo’s family is the hamsa tattoo. Hamsa is a beautiful design depicting a right hand in an open palm position.

In case you are in search of a new tattoo with healing or protective characteristics then check out the following collection of hamsa tattoo designs that we have put together for you today.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Design

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Design Source

This is a hamsa tattoo showing a hand with earth elements and a blue eye in the middle. The beautiful design with the curvy lines and the flower elements is suitable for women. The design requires some skill to achieve.

Small Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist

Small Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist Source

A smaller version of the hamsa design. The abstract flowers have a feminine look that is going to look amazing in any body part you decide to ink. You can get a simple lining with minimum to no shading.

Hamsa Tattoo on Sleeve

Hamsa Tattoo on Sleeve Source

This is a hamsa design with an upside down twist. The green colors combined with the drawings offers a serene and at the same time fierce look. You can also have it in a black and white color.

Elephant Hamsa Tattoo

Elephant Hamsa Tattoo Source

You can combine different tattoos for a stunning synthesis. In this case hamsa with ganesha tattoo. It depicts a woman with elephant features inside an open palm. The shading as well as the lining might take some time to complete.

Hamsa Buddha Tattoo Design

Hamsa Buddha Tattoo Design Source

Another variation of spiritual tattoos is the hamsa with a Buddha tattoo. This is the great design if you aim for protection and peace of mind. You can have it both black and white as well as a colorful version.

Hamsa Back Tattoo Idea

Hamsa Back Tattoo Idea Source

A hamsa design with a flower design on the base. You need to spend some time in the tattoo parlor in order to finish the lining while the shading needs only minimum work as it is not that extended.

Geometric Hmasa Tattoo

Geometric Hmasa Tattoo Source

The green setting of the hamsa design with a blue eye triangle create a mystique tattoo. You can choose to have it in black and white and you will still have an amazing result. This one requires great skill.

Traditional Hamsa Tattoo

Traditional Hamsa Tattoo Source

A traditional approach on the hamsa design with an elephant. This is a large tattoo with great detail so it will take a few sessions to complete. The black and white design creates a stunning tattoo.

Hamsa Tattoo For Men

Hamsa Tattoo For Men Source

A design suitable for men. The simple outline of the design along with the inner details creates a contrast with the multicolored background. You can also have it in black and white version that you can color later on.

Hamsa Tattoo on Ribs

Hamsa Tattoo on Ribs Source

This is an elegant small hamsa design. You can get it in a simple lining or you can have it colored. The design will take only one session to complete.

Hamsa Black Work Tattoo

Hamsa Black Work Tattoo Source

Hamsa Moon Tattoo Idea

Hamsa Moon Tattoo Idea Source

Hamsa Stomach Tattoo Idea

Hamsa Stomach Tattoo Idea Source

Flower Hamsa Tatttoo

Flower Hamsa Tatttoo Source

Hamsa Arm Tattoo

Hamsa Arm Tattoo Source

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo Design

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo Design Source

Skull Hamsa Tattoo Idea

Skull Hamsa Tattoo Idea Source

Hamsa Leg Tattoo Design

Hamsa Leg Tattoo Design Source

Hamsa Tattoo for Forearm

Hamsa Tattoo for Forearm Source

Hamsa Tattoo for Thigh

Hamsa Tattoo for Thigh Source

Hamsa Tattoo for Shoulder

Hamsa Tattoo for Shoulder Source

You can incorporate the hamsa design in other tattoos like a sleeve tattoo. You can have a small subtle one or you can go all out with a large piece of ink art on your body. The protective powers of the design will give you peace of mind and body.

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