Taking the tattoo world by storm, belly tattoos are getting wildly popular with both, males and females. While men generally prefer the upper abdomen area, women are huge fans of lower belly tattoos. Of course, there are always those enthusiasts who work out really hard to get flat bellies for such tattoos, but some stomach tattoos can actually look sexy whether you have a flat belly or not! Read on for a fun and inspirational ride about stomach tattoos.

Floral Tattoo on Stomach

floral tattoo on stomach


Starting with a floral belly tattoo, inking in peonies usually represents good fortune, prosperity, and a blooming romance. With the awesome details portrayed here, this tattoo design will primarily look good in black ink and its shades only.

Quote Tattoo for Girls

quote tattoo for girls


Quote tattoos are super popular these days, with everyone wanting to convey their innermost beliefs through quotes. And if you got a flat belly, having your favorite phrase inked onto your stomach might be the coolest thing to do this year!

Colorful Roses Lower Stomach Tattoo

colorful roses lower stomach tattoo


Women love lower belly tattoos, and with beautiful roses blooming right below the navel in this one, it is pretty much going to be one of the most popular this season! A flat belly would go awesomely with this tattoo design; a pierced navel even so!

Bear Head Tattoo Design

bear head tattoo design


Oh, this tattoo design definitely took us by surprise! For those men who do not really believe in a flat belly, this might just end up as the popular winner! After all, who would not want to flash a roaring lion on their stomach every time they take off their shirt at the beach!

Eagle Tattoo Idea

eagle tattoo idea


If you are one of those who believe in working out to gain the ultimate fitness levels, this sharp eagle tattoo will complement your ambitions. Executed on a flat belly, this one is mostly done on the upper part of the stomach, making it more of a men’s style.

Beautiful Tribal Stomach Tattoo

beautiful tribal stomach tattoo


Let the Lady of Light bless you with her shine with this tattoo! A tribal pattern, mixed with cultural connotations, the idea here is to cover the entire chest and stomach to show off your beliefs. Of course, a bit of style cannot hurt either!

Skull Tattoo Design for Stomach

skull tattoo design for stomach


Going even more creative with the tribal designs, this one is a skull tattoo for those who are into paganism and worship. Bird and animal skulls are commonly used to denote the circle of life and death amongst many cultures. Get one of these popular ones done for you!

Moth Tattoo Design Idea

moth tattoo design idea


Moths have been popular in multiple cultures for symbolizing life after death. We especially like this tattoo because of the intricate shading on the wings of the moth, giving it a life-like look and feel. With branches growing below, and moons dancing in the hands of the moth, this one is surely a winner!

Butterfly Tattoo above Stomach

butterfly tattoo above stomach


A tattoo design for those with a flat belly, this beautiful stomach butterfly tattoo idea is definitely recommended for women who wish to try a different tattoo positioning on their bodies. Keep the details as delicate and intricate as possible to get a polished finish.

Custom Crown Tattoo Design

custom crown tattoo design


Wear the crown on your flat belly, and don’t be shy to show it off with this amazing tattoo! A popular style from the Victorian era, a king’s crown decorated with life-like roses and thorns represents the common phrase of ‘higher you go, more difficult it gets’.

Black Ink Tattoo for Men

black ink tattoo for men


Noble Heart Tattoo Design

noble heart tattoo design


Mandala Stomach Tattoo for Women

mandala stomach tattoo for women


Knife with Rose Tattoo

knife with rose tattoo


Awesome Stomach Tattoo Design

awesome stomach tattoo design


Lace Work Heart Tattoo

lace work heart tattoo


Colorful Wolf Tattoo

colorful wolf tattoo


Fabulous Belly Tattoo Idea

fabulous belly tattoo idea


Swallow Tattoo on Above Stomach

swallow tattoo on above stomach


Crow Tattoo for Men

crow tattoo for men


Traditional Stomach Tattoo Design

traditional stomach tattoo design


Stomach tattoos are usually very popular amongst those with a flat belly, given how gorgeous they can make exposed stomachs look in low slung jeans or crop tops. Given the recent rise of acceptance for tattoos, belly tattoos are coming to the forefront because of the sheer sexiness they can radiate on a flat belly, especially if it is paired with a pierced navel. But those with a bit of fat down on your stomach don’t lose heart! If done creatively enough, stomach tattoos can make anyone an instant hit. What do you think? Leave us your comments below!

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