Apple tattoos are one of those original, unique and fun-loving tattoos that are in trend. They are the tattoos that have a unique and individual meaning of their own. Discover your favorite tattoo that will make you feel fresh each day. Personalize your apple tattoo in your own way by going through some of the latest apple tattoo designs.

Decorative Apple Tattoo on Hand

Decorative Apple Tattoo on Hand Source

Apple tattoo has just made a way of showing one’s real colors. This design surely depicts knowledge and smartness. It is a simple design made from black ink. Overall, it looks very decent and at the same time trendy.

Apple Skull Tattoo Design

Apple Skull Tattoo Design Source

Well, did you know skulls and apples go well together? This tattoo design, for instance, has an interesting placement and the tattoo is unique and beautiful. It’s placed in the hands and it’s simply distinct and unusual.

Apple and Eye Tattoo on Palm

Apple and Eye Tattoo on Palm Source

This design stands out as being much different from the others. It is one of the famous design choices. The design, shading and red and green colors are on point and it’s certainly one of a kind. The eye is known as a symbol that protects from negativity . You should definitely go ahead with it!

Traditional Apple Tattoo On Elbow

Traditional Apple Tattoo On Elbow Source

Check out this amazing traditional apple tattoo made on an elbow. Besides the honey bee on the apple shown above, you can also add many elements like bows, birds, stars and angels to accompany the apple tattoo.

Black and Grey Apple Tattoo On Chest

Black and Grey Apple Tattoo On Chest Source

If you are looking for something different and unique, then we would suggest this beautiful black and gray apple tattoo. This is a perfect symbol of love, life, freshness, temptation, etc.

Bitten Apple Tattoo Design Idea

Bitten Apple Tattoo Design Idea Source

The most popular apple tattoo in the world is the bitten apple tattoo design and it’s usually inked on the wrist! If you look closely this design will surely drive you crazy because it has a bitten apple that looks simply amazing and the red color makes it pretty interesting and cool.

Little Apple Tattoo Below Ear

Little Apple Tattoo Below Ear Source

Get yourself a stylish look with a below the ear tattoo. Below the ear tattoos are extremely famous among young girls. This little apple simply looks pretty and gorgeous.

Half Apple Tattoo Design

Half Apple Tattoo Design Source

Half apple tattoo designs have become popular in the past few years. The vibrant colors with a hand holding an apple and a broken arrow in between used for this design will give you a very realistic feel and look.

Red Apple Fruit Tattoo on Belly

Red Apple Fruit Tattoo on Belly Source

Ladies are simply going wild with these fruit tattoo on the belly. This design is perfect for girls who want to ink both lower as well as the upper abdomen. Beautiful bitten apple inked at the lower ab and skull with red rose inked flawlessly on the upper side of the ab is simply superb!

Old School Tattoo Design

Old School Tattoo Design Source

Old school tattoo designs mean a very classy and traditional tattoo designs. They represent temptation, sexuality, craving, information, instruction, seduction and there are many other connotations attached to it. This tattoo has a very deep meaning to it. See the tattoo closely you will see the two hands holding an apple with an arrow. You will love the colors used on the design.

Apple Foot Tattoo Design

Apple Foot Tattoo Design Source

Cute Tattoo on Wrist

Cute Tattoo on Wrist Source

Half Apple Ankle Tattoo

Half Apple Ankle Tattoo Source

Bright Apple Tattoo for Girls

Bright Apple Tattoo for Girls Source

Creative Apple Tattoo for Men

Craetive Apple Tattoo for Men Source

Unique Landscape Tattoo

Unique Landscape Tattoo Source

Lovely Green Apple Tattoo

Lovely Green Apple Tattoo Source

Pretty Finger Tattoo Design

Pretty Finger Tattoo Design Source

Colorful Owl Tattoo with Apple

Colorful Owl Tattoo with Apple Source

Apple with Knife Tattoo

Apple with Knife Tattoo Source

Traditional Apple Tattoo Design

Traditional Apple Tattoo Design Source

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