When it comes to tattoo designs, small hearts surface as one of the most common designs. The heart is symbolic of love and life and is intrinsic to every human being. It is the symbolic virtue of this shape that it finds such popularity in the tattoo design arena.

Beautiful Small Heart’s Tattoo on Hand

small heart tattoo design1


The intertwined small hearts tattoo looks really intriguing and fascinates a lot of girls who want to tattoo. This style looks perfect on the wrist as it is very catchy.

Tiny Heart Tattoo Design

tiny heart tattoo1


A simple yet graceful affair, this tiny heart tattoo is a simple and small tattoo that can be etched anywhere such as near the ears. It will look good on both the wrist and the fingers as these spots make it conspicuous.

Simple and Clean Heart Tattoo Design

simple heart symbol tattoo


Girls love simple and clean tattoo that do not use too much ink. These tattoos are small and adorable and look great. You can get this pretty design on your fingers.

Cute & Lovely Heart Tattoo

cute lovely heart tattoo


For girls who are not sure if they should go for a tattoo or scared of the pain, a pint sized heart tattoo will be perfect. This tattoo looks snazzy and features a really cute heart outline.

Finger Heart Tattoo Design

finger tattoo design


Trendy Heart Tattoo Ideas

trendy heart tattoo design


Cute Heart Symbol Tattoos

love symbol tattoo


Two Hearts Tattoo Ideas

two hearts tattoo design


Sweet Heart Tattoo On Finger

lovely heart tattoo


Black Heart Tattoo On Legs

black heart tattoo on legs


Blue & Pink Heart Tattoo Design

blue pink heart tattoo design


Shaded Heart Tattoos Design

stylish tattoo design2


Anchor Heart Tattoo Ideas

anchor heart tattoo design


Attractive Tattoo Designs

attractive tattoo design


Heart Shaped Tattoo On Finger

heart shaped tattoo on finger


Girl Heart Tattoo

girl heart tattoo


Creative Heart Tattoo For Women

creative heart tattoo for women


Pick up a small heart design for your wrist that is dainty, classy and meaningful. Complement it with vibrant colours if you are inking colours or use shade work in a black and white tattoo. This would help to enhance the visual appeal of your inked artwork.

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