Love tattoos have become very popular with everyone as they are a way to show the love and affection towards their partners. There are many variations in love tattoo designs and couple can choose the design which gives a meaning to their relationship. There are many love tattoos such as heart symbols, infinity tattoos, love birds, skull tattoos etc. You may also see Couple Tattoo Ideas

Matching Love Tattoos

Love tattoos are very popular among couples. They are usually inked on the fingers and they couple usually choose to have the similar pattern inked to express their love and bonding. There are many variations in love tattoos such as heart symbol with beautiful wordings, wordings related to love etc. You may also see Matching Tattoo Designs

Simple Matching Love Tattoo

simple matching love tattoo


Small Love Tattoos

Small love tattoos look really cute and many couples prefer to have love tattoos inked to express their love. Love tattoos with names of their loved ones, love tattoos with date of their weddings or togetherness, love tattoos with beautiful quotes etc. are preferred tattoos by couples. You may also see Rose Tattoo Designs

Love Bird Tattoos

Love birds are a cute way to express their love the world. These tattoos come in a variety of colors and designs which create a romantic feel to the wearer and the ones who see the tattoo. The couples usually go for love bird tattoos as they look cute and beautiful.

Love Birds Tattoo for Men

love birds tattoo for men


Love Birds Tattoo on Wrist

love birds tattoo on wrist


Love Tattoos on Wrist

Love tattoos on wrist can be inked in a smaller size which look really romantic and cute. The love tattoos can be anything form small heart symbols, cute love birds, ECG graph symbols, the names of loved ones etc. As the tattoo on the wrist can be easily seen, it is a beautiful way to show their love and affection. You may also see Mandala Tattoo Designs

Black Work Love Tattoo on Wrist

black work love tattoo on wrist


Matching Love Tattoo on Wrist

matching love tattoo on wrist


Love Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoo is a favorite among couples as it is a universal symbol of love. The love symbols can be inked in plain colors of black/gray or in bright multi colors. The love heart symbols can also be combined with the names of loved ones, beautiful love quotes etc. You may also see Star Tattoo Designs

Traditional Love Tattoos

Traditional love tattoos are plain heart symbols, heart symbol with an arrow, a heart symbol with names of the loved ones, heart symbols with beautiful quotes such as “one Love: etc. The traditional love symbols are usually inked in gray/black colors without any frills.

Traditional Love Tattoo on Arm

traditional love tattoo on arm


Love Quote Tattoo Designs

Love quotes are beautiful way of expressing the love towards the partner. The love quotes such as “We found love”, “Love me for who I am”, “Love never fails” etc. are inspiring and romantic ways to express the love.

Love Quote Tattoo on Chest

love quote tattoo on chest


Infinity Love Tattoos

Infinity symbol is considered to be the most positive tattoo which brings good luck and prosperity. The infinity love tattoo symbol is believed to bring positive energy and strong bonding into the relationship. Another advantage with infinity symbol is that it can be inked in a small size on the fingers, wrists etc. which is cute to look.

Tribal Love Tattoos

Tribal love quotes are very beautiful with intricate patterns and designs. The beautiful tattoos with swirls and curls make this tattoo very special. This tattoo can be inked in a smaller or bigger size.

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