Tattoos are a form of self-expression and what better way to show your love for magical creatures than with a mermaid tattoo. In mythological stories, the mermaid was said to roam the sea freely and seducing sailors. They feature a woman’s body on the top half and a fish tail on the bottom side which further adds to their mystery and alluring traits. mermaid tattoos can be large or small. The large sizes make back tattoos that will decorate your body. You may also see Anchor Tattoo Designs

Little Mermaid Tattoos

The little mermaid is a classic Disney animation movie that further put mermaids in the spotlight as beautiful, innocent, courageous and kind creatures. With little mermaid tattoos, you can choose from drawing the beautiful Ariel, the evil Ursula, powerful King Triton or the red crab called Sebastian.

Little Mermaid Tattoo on Thigh

little mermaid tattoo on thigh


Traditional Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Traditional mermaid tattoo designs work to combine beauty and mystery so there are various ways you can draw your mermaid. The trick is to capture the half fish half human body and ink it with colors or a simple black design which is suitable for men. You may also see Girl Tattoo Designs

Mermaid Chest Tattoo Design

meramid chest tattoo design


Pin-Up Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Show your seductive nature by opting for pinup mermaid tattoos. These tattoos are all about depicting sexiness hence are ideal for ladies. They are also perfect for those who love nautical tattoos that will even enhance visual appeal. Add green waves and ink your tattoo in 3D design to make it more realistic.

Cool Pin-Up Mermaid Tattoo

cool pin up mermaid tattoo


Pin-Up Mermaid and Anchor Tattoo

pin up mermaid and anchor tattoo


Tribal Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are timeless and get their inspiration from ancient cultures and traditions. Drawing your mermaid tattoo in a tribal style is all about using black ink and incorporating thick or dark shadings. These tattoos are perfect for men as they are less feminine. You may also see Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal Mermaid Tattoo on Hand

tribal mermaid tattoo on hand


Mermaid Back Tattoo Designs

The back has a large flat surface on which you can ink a mermaid tattoo and even incorporate other nautical designs. These tattoos are perfect for women as well as guys and opting for a colored design will make your back more attractive.

Traditional Mermaid Back Tattoo Design

traditional mermaid back tattoo design


Unique Mermaid Back Tattoo Design

unique mermaid back tattoo design


Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

Do you love tattoos that are drawn using the latest style? Then watercolor mermaid tattoos are for you. A mermaid with red flowy hair sitting on a shell or swimming in the ocean will help make your tattoo more authentic. Small mermaids make great hand tattoos, and you can include a conch shell. You may also see Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Mermaid Sleeve Tattoos

The sleeves provide adequate flat space on which you can draw a beautiful mermaid. The trick is to use different colors on the upper and lower bodies. Red color can work to highlight the long hair of mermaids while a blue fan out a fish tail and water bubbles will show the ocean environment.

Mermaid Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

mermaid half sleeve tattoo design


Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo for Women

mermaid sleeve tattoo for women


Mermaid Arm Tattoo Designs

You can ink a mermaid tattoo on the arm to show vanity. In many folk tales, mermaids are breathtaking creatures that love to bask in the sun and admire their bodies. Mermaid images or sculptures are often placed in religious places to symbolize vanity.

Black Work Mermaid Arm Tattoo

black work mermaid arm tattoo


Mermaid Thigh Tattoos

Mermaid thigh tattoos are suitable for ladies, and they can be a warning on how a beautiful physique can also be the root of danger. Many stories are told of how sailors drowned in the sea after being lured by the good looks of mermaids. The use of complementary colors will make your design interesting.

Mermaid Thigh Tattoo for Women

mermaid thigh tattoo for women


Mermaid Wrist Tattoo Designs

Mermaid wrist tattoo designs come in all colors to ensure your hand is attractive. A mermaid tattoo drawn around the wrist will make a unique and cool bracelet. You can even use vibrant colors and glitters to give your design a shimmering effect. Red, green and black colors give a nice aspect to a mermaid tattoo. You may also see Wrist Tattoo Designs

Simple Mermaid Wrist Tattoo Design

simple mermaid wrist tattoo design


About Mermaid Tattoos Uniqueness

While mermaid tattoos were used by fishermen and sailors to bring good luck in hunting sea creatures and treasure, they have become a favorite for people of different walks of life. They feature half woman half fish body structure with shiny scales, flawless skin and captivating beauty which gives endless ways on how you can ink them on your body. Many ancient stories and folklore associate mermaids with danger as they are believed to lure ships to their death.

Mermaid tattoos are popular to both female and male tattoo lovers as they integrate beauty and mystery. Feminine qualitative such as desirability, mystery, playfulness and a flirty trait makes these tattoos perfect for women. However, men can still create stunning bold or subtle mermaid designs and ink them as sleeve tattoos.

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