What with The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and other zombie-related media, it’s difficult to ignore what a powerful source of inspiration they are, whether in television, comics or otherwise. They’re a great way to put kids to sleep and eat, they make for excellent horror story protagonists, and they’re amazing motivation to spur creativity when it comes to make up!

Zombie make up has been dominating the face art scene – particularly during Halloween and at Comic-Con – for ages now. As gross and nauseating to look at as it can be at times, many artists are talented enough to come up with something that’s a funny mix of horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Here are a couple of ideas which can help you achieve the same.

Halloween Zombie Makeup

Halloween Zombie Makeup Source

No longer will you terrify children and have adults leaping to soak with water, to ‘celebrate’ the occasion. This beautiful example of zombie makeup reveals decaying flesh in the otherwise ethereal face of a zombie princess.

Blue Zombie Makeup

Blue Zombie Makeup Source

Here’s another example of a similar kind of face art – only this seems slightly retro, as though you’ve returned from the dead…when you were alive in the 60’s, groovy pink hair to boot!

Liquid Latex Makeup

Liquid Latex Zombie Makeup Source

This idea, which uses liquid latex, is a gory one with two incisions down and across the face. A dead look in your eyes always helps reinforce how scary you’re supposed to be! Wearing ordinary clothes is much better than a costume – it makes the horror that much more real.

Scary Makeup

Scary Zombie Makeup Source

Prosthetic material apart from just paint, like papier maché and make up clay. Check this earth monster, straight out of a Lord of The Rings volume – after using the One Ring, that is.

Girl Zombie Makeup

Girl Zombie Makeup Source

Or maybe become hugely inspired by this lovely dual-personality zombie (now that’s enough for at least three night lights!) – a floral princess with leafy eyelashes, and a rotting zombie with chunks of bloody flesh melting at the forehead! The purple paint adds to the mystical nature of this being, and you can achieve the chunks through prosthetic clay or really skilful painting.

Easy Zombie Makeup

Easy Zombie Makeup Source

Check out the authentic bruising around the eyes – a mix of blue and purple shades perfectly mixed to suggest a good fight between this zombie and whoever she’s up against. The eyes have swelled to pink eyes times two (pinkish red paint), and yet, the red lipstick fits!

Skull Makeup

Zombie Skull Makeup Source

This suggests a lean, mean commando-killin’ zombie machine. This member of the undead is…well, dead already, and a little smoking may do her no harm.

Zombie Makeup for Brown Eyes

Zombie Makeup for Brown Eyes Source

Here’s a great way to make a flesh-eating, horrifying zombie all innocent and doe-like!

Zombie Makeup for Kid

Zombie Makeup for Kid Source

Like little kids aren’t terrifying enough. This one makes great use of papier-mache and paint.

Horror Zombie Makeup

Horror Zombie Makeup Source

Yet another example of how detail can make a zombie look scary, as well as incredibly beautiful to behold.

Fakeblood Makeup Design

Fakeblood Makeup Source

Dead Makeup Design

Dead Makeup Design Source

Zombie Mermaid Makeup

Zombie Mermaid Makeup Source

Horror Makeup for Green Eyes

Horror Makeup for Green Eyes Source

Zombie Eye Makeup

Zombie Eye Makeup Source

Little Zombie Girl Makeup

Little Zombie Girl Makeup Source

Undead Horror Makeup

Undead Horror Makeup Source

Creative Zombie Makeup

Creative Zombie Makeup Source

Halloween Makeup for Women

Halloween Makeup for Women Source

Scary Makeup Design for Men

Scary Makeup Design for Men Source

Half Zombie Makeup

Half Zombie Makeup Source

Folks, zombies were never known for their neatness. Go a little (lot) crazy applying the make up – you need to be as gory as possible! Think Ring, or the Exorcist, and then imagine a jar of grey face paint even over that mess. The problem with Halloween or scary make up these days is that some people are too afraid of imperfections. Don’t be – ghouls are never afraid to be inhuman. It’s what makes this type of make up theme super easy to work with – and to make mistakes with.

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