Makeup designs have evolved through the years. The 70s saw the hippie makeup trend and it was succeeded by the 80s punk. The 90s gave birth to the hip-hop trend and the 2000s started with a revolution of makeup design trends from the past.

These days, you can see people wearing hippie inspired makeup. This design can even be used for wedding or prom makeup if you wish so. The following are some good examples of how you can use hippie makeup designs.

If you are looking for a nice sample of Halloween hippie makeup, this picture should set an example for you. The style is minimal with not much colors used, so it would only make you look like a hippie rather than a scary Bohemian gal.

The simplicity of the hippie looks is best represented in this makeup idea. The combination of the pink lipstick and the slightest touch of blush allows for a beauty of the eye makeup to stand out. The final Bohemian hippie touch is the multicolored headband.

Zombie Eye Hippie Makeup Design

zombie eye hippie makeup design


For a zombie eye makeup with a hint of hippie style, this is the makeup design to try. It is not very horrifying as most zombie makeup designs are, but it is absolutely something different. Braids here and there emphasize the hippie theme.

Hippie Flower Child Makeup

hippie flower child makeup


Using colorful gems as makeup accessories is a really good idea. This hippie makeup theme would be ideal for a child or a teen. The use of fresh flowers for the hair is of course, classic and timeless.

This is a beautiful psychedelic approach to hippie makeup. The eye makeup is like a colorful version of the famous chola makeup (without the fierceness and the darkness). The hot pink lipstick added some sweetness into the uniqueness of this concept.

Hippie Wedding Makeup

hippie wedding makeup


Baby pink and white mini roses are used to grace the crowning glory of this beautiful blushing Bohemian bride. The make-up is just perfect to enhance her beauty and to bring out the natural hippie in her.

It is possible to combine chola and hippie styles and this image proves it. The red hair and the eye make up are definitely Gypsy in concept. The hair flowers and the right eye flower design are both representations of Bohemian style.

Beautiful Hippie Makeup Idea

beautiful hippie makeup idea


Peace. That’s the hippie greetings and this girl has everything to prove that she is one real Bohemian hippie gal. Her straight long black hair is like out of a story book and the fresh flowers on them just made it more perfect. The eye makeup is perfection in itself – silvery gray, yes definitely a hippie.

Hippie Rave Makeup

hippie rave makeup


Inspite of the fact that there is a clear distinction between hippie and gypsy, the two themes also work well together. This image, for instance, shows a woman madeup in chola (gypsy) eye makeup, while the rest is definitely hippie (from the flowers on the braided hair to the simple pink lipstick.)

Simple Hippie Makeup

simple hippie makeup


Eye Hippie Makeup Idea

eye hippie makeup idea


Floral Hippie Makeup

floral hippie makeup


Trendy Hippie Makeup Idea

trendy hippie makeup idea


Fancy Hippie Makeup for Eyes

fancy hippie makeup for eyes


Violet Hippie Makeup Idea

violet hippie makeup idea


Awesome Hippie Makeup Design

awesome hippie makeup design


Cool Hippie Makeup

cool hippie makeup


Hippie makeup is a good alternative if you are tired of other trendy makeup designs like Harlequin makeup or Gypsy makeup. The hippie look is ideal for everyday get up, as well as for formal attires. You can actually even go Bohemian for your wedding makeup if you so wish.

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