Eye makeup is usually done to enhance your eyes. Eyeshadow is the perfect makeup tool that gives a sense of definition and depth to the eyes. The right shading and colors are required to get it right. If you get this wrong, it can ruin your entire look and hence we went through different mediums to find you 10 perfect red and golden eye makeup.

Red and Gold Eye Shadow


red and gold eye shadow1


A combination of red and gold used like this makes your eyes look shiny. The gold gives it a glittery effect and the red adds a perfect tinge to it. Overall if it is kept minimalistic, you can match it with different outfits.

Amazing Eye Shadow Makeup

amazing eye shadow makeup


This eye shadow is perfect if your outfit is plain and you want to give all the emphasis to your face, mainly your eyes. The gold and red is spread out equally with gold occupying most of the bottom part and red occupying the upper part. The gold is shimmery and with this eye shadow you can definately upgrade your glamor quotient.

Beautiful Red and Gold Prom Eye Makeup

beautiful red and gold prom eye makeup


If your prom is around the corner, we have the perfect look for you. It is not an overall look but a look for your pretty eyes. There is nothing like the red and gold combination. A light shade of red and golden will make you look gorgeous and all eyes will be on you.

Golden and Red Eye Shadow

golden and red eye shadow


This is a very subtle eye shadow combination despite two bright colors being used. These colors have been used to minimal but it still makes your eyes stand out and get all the attention it deserves.

This is a blend of gold and red with the gold shinning bright. It ends up giving it a bronze look and makes your eyes look glamorous. This is a very warm and rich winter tone.

All you lovely green-eyed ladies, this shade will make your eyes stand out even more. The combination is perfect and blends in perfectly. Overall, this is a steaming hot look.

This eye makeup uses red as the main shade as you can see. Red is overpowering the look with a tinge of glitter at the ends. This look is perfect for a party-like occasion. The glitter gives away the shimmery look that will make you stand out.

Red Shimmer Eye Makeup

red shimmer eye makeup


This is a red shade with shimmer added to the border. This is a very subtle look and can be worn even on a regular basis. It doesn’t deliberately call out for attention but it will make your eyes stand out.

This makeup does its work without being bold and noticeable.

It is for someone with fair skin and will make your eyes stand out. This can be used on a regular basis since there isn’t much color involved.

Ombre is a fusion or blend of two colors and here it is a blend of golden and red. The golden covers the main parts with the red on the ends. This looks very chic and gives you a fashionista look overall.

Natural Eye Shadow Makeup

natural eye shadow makeup


Classic Red and Gold Makeup

classic red and gold makeup


Dark Red Eye Makeup Idea

dark red eye makeup idea


Doll Eye Makeup Design

doll eye makeup design1


Pink Makeup for Brown Eyes

pink makeup for brown eyes


These are 10 shades of red and gold we absolutely loved and these are perfect for your everyday wear, party wear, and even your prom wear.

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