When you brace up for an occasion or a special festival, looks matter a lot. While the natural look gives you the face the people see every day, a thorough makeup can completely change your appearance into something catchy. There are several themes and designs for makeup. Each of these depends on the theme you choose for and compatibility of your face to that look. Makeup experts opt for different varieties of makeup designs to get that stunning look. Here are twenty-one makeup designs for you that you can choose from. You may also See Formal Makeup Designs

Clown Makeup Design

Clown Makeup Design Source

Here, the use of false eyelashes is the trick of the game. The lips, brows, and eyelashes are touched with a black liner. This clown makeup design is a good option to be used on Halloween.

Mime Makeup Design

Mime Makeup Design Source

This is a typical sad face. When you need a sad-faced design, go for a white foundation color. Pink blushes and black liners along the lips and eyes delivers the melancholy look.

Sugar Skull Makeup Design

Sugar Skull Makeup Design Source

Well, if you want to scare people right out, go for this particular makeup. This is a spider face painting with black eyes set on a white foundation.

Fairy Makeup Design Idea

Fairy Makeup Design Idea Source

This is a beautiful makeup customized for people opting for a fairy-like makeup. The white cover around the eyes looks stunning. Opt for shiny beaded ornaments to get a classy look.

Tribal Makeup Design

Tribal Makeup Design Source

This is a perfect makeup if you are willing to have a tribal look. There are white spotted designs across the cheeks and face. Get a white triangular mark between the brows.

Bridal Makeup Design

Bridal Makeup Design Source

Bridal makeup designs are quite common. You can opt for a red outfit, and complement it with red roses in the hair. A perfect touch of black in the brows and eyes yields sheer beauty.

Vampire Makeup Design

Vampire Makeup Design Source

A black headgear is all you need to get a killing vampire look. With brown eyes and dark eyelids, you can enhance the makeup. A bite-spot in the neck goes perfectly with the design.

Prom Makeup Design

Prom Makeup Design Source

If you opt for a simple yet lovely makeup design, take care of your lips and brows. A slight blush in the cheeks will make you look better.

Halloween Makeup Design

Halloween Makeup Design Source

This is a terrific makeup, ideal for scaring away people on Halloween. With black patches around the eyes and stitched lips, you will get a perfect look. The black patches beside your nose enhance the effect.

Fantasy Makeup Design

Fantasy Makeup Design Source

If you are willing to live up to the best looks of fantasy, get a couple of additional brows in a blue hue. The false blue hair makes you look cute.

Butterfly Eye Makeup Design

Butterfly Eye Makeup Design Source

For a change, you can opt for a simple facial makeup with the eyelids painted in a butterfly theme. Use bright colours like green, orange and yellow for the purpose.

Wedding Makeup Design

Wedding Makeup Design Source

When you wear fashionable clothes for wedding purposes, you can choose for a simple makeup with red lips. Perfect brows make you look prettier.

Stage Makeup Design

Stage Makeup Design Source

When you perform on stage in a play or act, a black and golden combination goes well for the head. Match it up with a perfect cover for the eyelids.

Neon Makeup Design

Neon Makeup Design Source

A pink tinge for the lips and eyes makes you beautiful. Even if you are not too fair, this makeup will complement your looks.

Gothic Makeup Design

Gothic Makeup Design Source

If you look out for a rustic appearance with brown fluffy hair, you can go for this makeup design. The black lips can be complemented with matching earrings.

Cat Makeup Design

Cat Makeup Design Source

Cat makeups are popular, and in these designs, you can have long whiskers and beautiful eye-linings. Use black for the upper lip and nose.

Emo Eye Makeup Design

Emo Eye Makeup Design Source

Emotional eyes are quite attractive, and when you choose to have an emo eye makeup, go for a black attire to complement the looks. Light blue hair makes the makeup perfect.

Scarecrow Makeup Design

Scarecrow Makeup Design Source

Scarecrow makeups look frightening. Use yellow foundation color and then apply blue for the eyes, nose and lips. Black patches around the eyed look great.

Barbie Makeup Design

Barbie Makeup Design Source

Barbie makeups are cute and when you opt for such a theme, you can go for pink lips and blushes. Shiny off-white hair makes the look perfect.

Glitter Makeup Design

Glitter Makeup Design Source

A simple makeup can be made stunning when you incorporate glitter makeup. With the glitters on the brows, you can get a beautiful countenance.

Fall Makeup Design

Fall Makeup Design Source

This is a nice makeup with chubby cheeks, deep red lips, and shiny skin. The black eyeliners make the eyes perfect. You can apply a slight blush here.

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