Learning how to put on an animal makeup is great practice for theatre workshops and plays. Not to forget Halloween – sometimes, if your makeup is good, it’s enough to get away without buying a single expensive costume! It all depends however, on how good your makeup material is and what the occasion is.

Here’s a list of ideas for a very special African inhabitant, the Chris-Rock-in-Madagascar-voiced zebra!

Full Zebra Makeup

Full Zebra Makeup Source

Impossible to replicate all over the body without someone having to look at you…nude…in paint, but a similar-themed shirt works as well!

Animal Zebra Makeup

Animal Zebra Makeup Source

If you dislike getting all of that white goop on your face and then having to wash it all off, then minimalism is the way to go. Check out this animal zebra makeup art with cool, zig-zagged stripes.

Zebra Halloween Makeup

Zebra Halloween Makeup Source

Like said before, save up on all that cash for later, and just put some pore-safe paint to use to have a zinger of a Halloween costume! Here’s an example.

Zebra Makeup for Kid

Zebra Makeup for Kid Source

If the tattooed effect is not authentic enough for you, why not spread it across the eyes and cheeks for more realism? Make sure to moisturize the face, though, especially if the makeup is to be applied on a child’s face.

Little Zebra Makeup

Little Zebra Makeup Source

And if this is way too much for you, stick to the middle and find a way to combine the best of both worlds, replete with a cool (FAUX) leather jacket to emanate gothic animal magnetism.

Zebra Print Makeup

Zebra Print Makeup Source

Not cool with the nose and ears, but love the print? Don’t sweat it. Animal print has been the subject of many, many fashion masterpieces through the decades, and when people finally got rid of using real fur or skin and began experimenting with prints and material they’d created themselves, it felt better too. Nature’s patterns came first, after all, and after these billions of years, no one feels the need to deny it.

Zebra Makeup for Women

Zebra Makeup for Womens Source

Most people think of zebra as relatively harmless creatures, but they’ll think twice when they see what a bit of skilful paint to the eyebrows does to change that perception.

Easy Zebra Makeup

Easy Zebra Makeup Source

Which is why zebra print makeup sounds uber stylish – wearable both on Halloween and masquerade party occasions, or even to make a splash at a sober celebration without being all too weird. Here’s a great example of how fierce it looks with a bit of winged eyeliner.

Black and White Zebra Makeup

Black and White Zebra Makeup Source

And finally – although this borders slightly on entering Professor X’s school (but some of those mutants are…really, really good looking) – black and white zebra makeup that stretches all the way from the side of the face to the shoulder, giving a half-superhero sort of appeal.

Amazing Zebra Eye Makeup

Amazing Zebra Eye Makeup Source

Animal makeup is traditional – it’s been around since time immemorial and has been used to embody the spirits of animals that tribes either admired or believed were possessed by the gods they worshipped. Face paint made its appearance at festivals, celebrations, funerals and even sacrifices.

Beautiful Zebra Makeup

Beautiful Zebra Girl Makeup Source

If you’re low on the melanin, not to worry – you just need to learn how to apply it so that your skin does not look pasty or too pale.

Zebra Makeup for Men

Zebra Makeup for Men Source

Funny Zebra  Makeup

Funny Zebra Makeup Source

Black Halloween Zebra Makeup

Black Halloween Zebra Makeup Source

Realistic Zebra Face Makeup

Realistic Zebra Face Makeup Source

Black Striped Zebra Makeup

Black Striped Zebra Makeup Source

Zebra Makeup for Little Kid

Zebra Makeup for Little Kid Source

Cute Zebra Face Paint Makeup

Cute Zebra Face Paint Makeup Source

Zebra Makeup Around Eye

Zebra Makeup Around Eye Source

Well, there you have it, some great ideas for zebra print makeup! It’s definitely a unique animal by itself, and as for its prints, they’re facts by themselves: no two stripes are alike, giving each animal a set that’s as unique as a human fingerprint. Zebra are very social animals too, and unlike some people we know of, would definitely approve of awesome designs like these. By imitating such an amazing creature, you’re testifying to its viable existence and the need to see it as one of Nature’s links in the ecosystem, and not just another hunter’s prize.

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