Transform your face into a bunny, astronaut, Peter Pan or any other mascot. Just be patient and results will be rewarding, we promise you. Follow instructions of people you trust and they will guide you through the project. Take a glimpse of Deer Makeup.

Black Bunny Makeup

Black Bunny Makeup Source

We just worship this kind of fluent lines all over the face. This is called right tones on right places and that is what it makes great makeup design. Black mascara will give your nose look like rabbit’s in no time.

Cute Purple Rabit makepu

Cute Purple Rabit makeup Source

This cute girl used quality makeup to make this kind of design. The best part of this makeup is the whiskers. Don’t forget to put on a good primer in skin color as a base, before you do anything complicated. In this way, you will get long lasting and sweat resistant makeup.

Bunny Makeup for Kids

Bunny Makeup for Kids Source

Bright pink, black and white colors will bring a true appearance of sweet and cute little bunny. Take the help of a basic black eyeliner for the details.

Easter Bunny Makeup Idea

Easter Bunny Makeup Idea Source

This is classic makeup idea which will never grow old. Great choice for the child and his/her mom who will pull out the trick. The white and black paint can be as attractive or complex as you would like, creating an open source code for implementation of future ideas.

Halloween Bunny Makeup

Haloween Bunny Makeup Source

Isn’t she adorable in a true sense of beautiful female creature? She showed the entire planet true skills with bright colors that stand out from a mile away. This is a happy Halloween face.

Evil Bunny Makeup Idea

Evil Bunny Makeup Idea Source

Evil eyes outlined with black mascara and long eyelashes with an addition of long black which nails is going to creep out bravest soul participating on the mask bale. Focus is on the center of the face and gnarly teeth which induce fear and freezes blood. People put a lot of effort in this kind of stuff, we are glad they look amazing. You may also See Formal Makeup Designs

Scary Bunny Eye Makeup

Scary Bunny Eye Makeup Source

Simple costume and makeup, but this astonishing photo still gives us a weird look on it. Let us tell you the final detail. Eye makeup combined with an appropriate lens is the right choice if you want to have that magical appeal of Cat Makeups.

Bonnie The Bunny Makeup

Bonnie The Bunny Makeup Source

Rather complicated project. It isn’t for everybody. If you are impatient and can’t sit still on a chair for hours, avoid this unusual, scary and at the same time great makeup design. Layers of makeup will hold together only if they are inflicted at the right amount.

Simple Bunny Makeup

Simple Bunny Makeup Source

Rabbit ears are something that completes the whole mask. Painting on a nose and white whiskers are just part of the bigger picture. The true idea is to play and enjoy without the need for complex accessories. Begin by sponging on a prime coating of skin color and white paint, and then add pink cheeks and details you imagined in your head. Next project is Peacock Makeup.

Bunny Angle Makeup

Bunny Angle Makeup Source

The angelic look is what makes us cry. These are happy tears. Just look at these young ladies. They are doing the right stuff and listen to our advice. Make it simple, don’t exaggerate or emphasize unnecessary body or face parts. Choose the right outfit inspired by local folklore and you are ready for a cover page.

Colorful Bunny Makeup Idea

Colorful Bunny Makeup Idea Source

Cute Bunny Makeup Idea

Cute Bunny Makeup Idea Source

Bunny Face Makeup

Bunny Face Makeup Source

Creepy Bunny Makeup

Creepy Bunny Makeup Source

Black Eye with Halloween Bunny Makeup

Black Eye with Halloween Bunny Makeup Source

Pink Bunny Makeup for Kids

Pink Bunny Makeup for Kids Source

Modern Bunny Makeup Idea

Modern Bunny Makeup Idea Source

Bunny Mask Makeup Design

Bunny Mask Makeup Design Source

Bunny Eye Makeup

Bunny Eye Makeup Source

If you have children who are into mask parade, Halloween or party, make these costumes to flutter and spread evenly on your face base coat and arm yourself with patience and right materials in order to save energy and time. Covered with a glitter where it needs to spark, sectioning off right parts of the face with paint like pink or white, which will induce the illusion of a bunny muzzle. A good tip for Zebra Makeup.

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