Would you like to give your guests the best of everything and make their stay truly memorable? With these fantastic ideas, you can create a lovely, inviting guest room for your family and friends.

Small Guest Room Idea

small guest room idea

Beach Dwellings Design

For a small bedroom, it’s better to cut down on the unnecessary furniture pieces. Placing the bed in the center and away from windows opens up space and makes it feel airy. An attic bed in the guest bedroom is an excellent idea, which provides comfortable sleeping space for a family with kids. Built-in cabinets offer perfect space-saving storage solution.

Guest Room Furniture Design

guest room furniture design

Mc Kinney Tres Design

When designing your guest bedroom, keep in mind to limit one large piece of furnishing per wall. Placing a bookshelf and a nightstand is a must for a guest room. Avoid using bulky wardrobes and instead, increase the seating for your guests who may not require additional storage.

Double Guest Room Idea

double guest room idea


If you are frequently visited by friends and family, a double-occupancy bedroom is the best way to provide enough space for all your guests for the night. You can go for twin beds, if the room is large. For seating, it is better to choose a sleeper-sofa, which also provides the extra sleeping space.

Guest Room Bedding Idea

guest room bedding idea

Design by Capital Building

A simple crisp white bed in a brightly painted bedroom has an effect of creating a lively atmosphere. It is contrasted with a light colored wool carpet to add a touch of warmth to the room. The fuss-free bed in the middle opens up aisles, providing free movement for visitors.

Twin Bed Guest Room

twin bed guest room

Luxury Custom Home Builders

For housing twin beds, make the best use of space, by pushing them against the sides of walls, each with iron framed headboard. The metal tables placed at the footboard provide space for storage. The space in the middle suits perfectly for sharing a nightstand.

Simple Guest Room Idea

simple guest room idea

Jerry Bussanmas Homebuilders

For small rooms, it’s best to keep the decor simple. Placing a single bed minus the traditional headboard is a great idea to save space. You can hang a painting or a chalkboard in the background to create an interesting look. Floating shelves not only accentuate the look of the room but are also excellent storage solutions.

Multipurpose Guest Room

multipurpose guest room


Guest rooms are not used frequently, you can put them to good use in ways that suit your needs. You can convert it into an office by making use of the cabinet’s corner space and adding a chair. By placing a bookshelf and reading lamps, your guest room turns into a study or library. A versatile sleeper sofa is a perfect choice for the room, as it serves as a comfy spot for lounging and reading during the day and a cozy bed by the bed.

Guest Room Wall Art

guest room wall art


Deck your guest room walls in style to create a lasting impression. Painting in rich, dark colors makes the room feel sober and intimate. A large quirky piece of art acts as a focal point in the room. Hanging paintings above a desk, sofa or a wing chair looks just right. Placing a big chalkboard is another decoration idea that will also entertain the kids.

Guest Room Interior Design

guest room interior design

Cippananda Interior Design

Choose a sea-themed design to make your guests feel like they really are on a vacation. Use of greens and earthy tones brings a tropical vibe. To add a splash of color, you can go for a wallpaper or an eclectic painting. Use lengthy, drapes in soft white to add a touch of subtleness. Fabric stripes on walls also create a feeling of coziness.

Office Guest Room Idea

office guest room idea

Design by Eye4Detail

You can turn your workspace into a cozy guest room, by choosing the right decor. The ever-green classic piece of furniture, Murphy bed is the best space-saving solution that works well for office cum guest rooms. It can be easily tucked away when not in use and create plenty of room space.

Double Beds with Wall Art Gallery

double beds with wall art gallery

Joel Kelly Design

Unique Guest Room for Multi Purpose

unique guest room for multi purpose


Stylish Double Beds with Woolen Blankets

stylish double beds with woollen blankets


Modern Guest Room Furniture Idea

modern guest room with all neccessities

Heather Scott Home and Design

Modern Guest Room Design Idea

modern guest room design idea


Simple and Beautiful Guest Bedroom

simple and beautiful guest bedroom

Benson & Associates Interior Design

Vintage Guest Room with Wooden Roof

vintage guest room with wooden roof


Wooden Guest Room Design

wooden guest room design

Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Luxury Guest Room with Ceiling

luxury guest room with ceiling

Spinnaker Development

Traditional Kids Guest Room

traditional kids guest room

Dyer Grimes Architects

Individual Double Beds with Sea Based Wall Paint

individual double beds with sea based wall paint


Shabby Chic Style Guest Room

shabby chic style guest room


A cozy guest room with all the comforts ensures that your guests are well entertained. Make them look forward to visiting you again. Try these creative ideas to design your guest rooms.

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