Bunks beds are one of the easiest ways to bring a fun playful vibe, while also extending on the space in your homes. And, as space is becoming one of the most important features to look for in modern homes, the usability and advantage of bunk beds increases by multitudes. Not to everyone’s knowledge, but bunk beds are now no more limited to just kids’ room, modern day designs present the homeowners with a number of stylish options. If you are looking for a trendy and multipurpose design, these 9 beds will surely offer you the best inspiration.

1. Elegant Style Bunk Bed

elegant style bunk bed


This elegant gender neutral bunk bed would suit well with kids room as well as other bedrooms. The wooden feel of the bed and the roof works well with the decorative accent pieces of the room.

2. Elegant White Bunk Bed

elegant white bunk bed


This elegant and compact white panelled bunk bed is best to incorporate in the kids or guest room. The light wooden flooring matched with white walls makes the look of the room easy and spacious.

3. Coastal Style Bunk Bed

coastal style bunk bed


If you have a small space, try adding a white coloured bunk bed with a vibrant and trendy wallpaper to bring some personality and character to your space. White helps to add the illusion of a brighter space and also make the room look clutter free.

4. Custom Oak Bunk Bed

custom oak bunk bed


This elegant and soft green walls of the room beautifully complement the white coloured bunk bed and the arch style construction of the room.

5. Beach Inspired Bunk Bed

beach inspired bunk bed


beach inspired bunk bed


This all white space of the bedroom with white bunk beds and white panelled walls is matched with striped blue carpet and oval yellow framed mirror. Carrying a beachy vibe, the room features the subtlety with style.

6. Rustic Wooden Style Bunk Bed

rustic wooden style bunk bed


This clever arrangement of one twin bed converted into a cosy bunk room makes the room appear rustic and raw. The retro sailboat pattern on the curtains complements the overall feel and nature of the room.

7. Edgy Bunk Bed Design

edgy bunk bed design

This Scandinavian style bunk bed is one of the edgy designs to incorporate in your kid’s room. The white roof complemented with a black bed frame and blue bedding’s make the look vibrant and classy.

8. Bold Bunk Bed Design

bold bunk bed design


If you are looking to experiment with the look of the home and go with a bold style statement, this vibrant blue high raised bunk bed is definitely the way to go. Giving you a plenty of floor space, the room offers you the flexibility to experiment with space and decor.

9. Floating Style Bunk Bed

floating style bunk bed


This floating style bunk beds are one of the clever and unconventional designs to opt for a minimally impressive look. The look of floating beds is matched with bookshelves with rungs that serve the dual purpose of a ladder.

Take inspiration from these designs and give a raised and modern twist to your space.

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