If you are a family of not just four and like to entertain your friends not so rarely, then having a sectional sofa is one of the best additions to your living room decor. Sectional sofas don’t just provide you with the flexibility of increased space but also give you the advantage of playing with the arrangements by creating multiple looks. But, before you decide to splurge, look below for the 9 best designs that will help you make the right pick for the big decor investment.

9. Liston Sectional Sofa

This Liston Sectional sofa is upholstered in French velvet from legs to the top giving a uniform look to the sofa. The arms and back are placed away from the seat and the quilted exterior further refines the sculpted look of the sofa.

8. MIMIC Sectional Fabric Sofa

The MIMIC sectional fabric sofa carries the various hues of the marine environment and with the intrinsic quality and simple form, the sofa brings the softness with the details in the seat and the cushions. Different sizes and different backs allow the sofa to create a wide range of seating possibilities.

7. Teak Style Sectional Sofa

This teak style sectional sofa carries a minimalist and elegant quality which will not just complement rustic and traditional but also modern and contemporary style interiors.

6. Modern Sectional Sofa

This modern white bonded leather sectional sofa, along with being durable and unique, comes with a comfortable upholstered white finish which can set the perfect ambiance for a private and cosy evening. The sectional includes three 1-seaters, 2 corners, 1 ottoman and pillows.

5. Modern Tufted Fabric Sectional Sofa

This modern tufted fabric sectional sofa will certainly extend a clean and refined look to your living room. The heavy padding, solid wood base and crystal accent make the sofa stylish, strong and durable.

4. Modern Sectional Sofa

Upholstered in orange genuine half leather, the sofa carries metal frame and legs. This stylish combination, without a doubt will duly enhance the look of any living room. The cross patterned tufted seat lends a view of fascinating and attractive design. The five adjustable headrests will provide you and your guests with ample amount of support.

2. Spritz Italian Modern Leather and Fabric Sectional

Looking unique and modern, the Spritz Italian modern leather and fabric sofa features a wood base and beautiful blue, white and green color that will help you add a soothing and muted charm to your space.

1. Dima Salotti Brown Sectional Sofa

This Dima Salotti brown sectional sofa will not just help you bring a modern appeal to your space but the upholstered brown grain Italian leather will help to accentuate the comfort by not compromising on the classic style. Furthermore, the headrest and pull out bottom cushion help in creating a more relaxed ambience. Worthy of the price, the sofa will be a comfortable and durable addition to your space.

Take inspiration from these designs and choose the one that aligns with your space and truly reflects your personality and style.

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