When it comes to design kids’ bed you should know your kids choice. It is not very easy task to design kids’ bed. You have to follow the latest trend following your kids’ interest. Funky plywood beds, small size bunk beds, tree beds design, small designer trundle beds are highly fashionable. Apart from these types of beds you can set a metallic sleek designer beds, sofa cum beds and cottage beds for your teenage kids.

Contemporary Kids Room with Nice Bed

contemporary kids room with bed

Marie Burgos Designs

White Platform Bed in Boys Bedroom

white platform bed in boys bedroom


Custom Bunk Beds With Stairs

custom bunk beds with stairs

Photo By: David Young-Wolff

The old fashioned beds contain simple designs. There were not huge differences between kids’ bed design and adult’s bed design. The very similar and classic beds are usually made up for the kids too as per the old trends. The fuller size, wide enough beds are usually allowed following the old trends.

Neutral Kids Bedroom With Loft Bed

neutral kids bedroom with loft bed


A Clean Lined Wooden Bed

a clean lined wooden bed

Photo By: One Fine Stay

Neutral Kids Room with Multiple Bunk Beds

neutral kids room with multiple bunk beds


Sofa Style Kids Bed Design

sofa style kids bed design


Whimsical Kids Room Features Bunk Beds

whimsical kids room features bunk beds


As per the age you can change the design of the bed of your kids. For your nursery level kids you can choose very small plywood made baby beds. The trundle bed suits for the siblings’ best. You can also switch to bunk beds instead of trundle as per the kids choice.

Red Vintage Kid’s Bedroom

red vintage kids bed in bedroom


Chic Modern Kid Beds

chic modern kids beds


Shared Kids Room with Contemporary Bunk Beds

shared kids room with contemporary bunk beds


Neutral Contemporary Kid’s Bedroom With Bunk Bed

neutral contemporary kids bedroom with bunk bed


Transitional Kids Room With Beds

transitional kids room with bunk beds


Charming Girls Bedroom With Floral Beds

charming girls bedroom with floral beds


Kids’ Bedroom With Double Bunk Beds

kids bedroom with double bunk beds


Wooden Bunk Beds Design

wooden bunk beds design

Photo By: properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Twin Beds With Green Walls

twin beds with green walls


Kids Loft With Daybed and Colorful Bedding

kids loft with daybed and colorful bedding


Sophisticated Girl’s Room With Lilac Bed

sophisticated girls room with lilac bed


Bright Blue Kid’s Room With Built-In Bunk Beds

bright blue kids room with built in bunk beds


Bunk Bed Staircase Bookcase

bunk bed staircase bookcase

Photo By: Matthew Williams, Courtesy of Tamara H Design

Contemporary Kids Bed Design

contemporary kids bed design


Awesome Blue Kids Bed Idea

awesome blue kids bed design


Boat Style Kids Bed Model

boat style kids bed design


Traditional Funny Bed For Kids

traditional funny bed for kids


Ship Style Kids Bed Design

ship style kids bed design


The latest trendy beds are absolutely comfortable and risk free when it comes to kids safety. The durability of these latest fashioned beds is high enough. You have to change the kids’ bed as your kids get older. The charges of these beds are absolutely reasonable.

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