Kids Room Designs and Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating the kid’s bedroom, it’s either go big or none. While many of us stick to neutral tones, decorating a child’s room doesn’t have to scrimp on style as it opens up a world of exciting possibilities and styles, even for small bedroom spaces. A child’s room is the perfect reason to go bold or magical as you want, whether it is a nursey, a girl’s room, or a boys room you are planning to design. We’ve found some of the most amazing ideas on how to transform a boring bedroom into a fun, colorful living space for children to grow. Read More

Designs to Consider for the Kid’s Bedroom

Designing your child’s bedroom is always an exciting time for you and your family. Before you get started, there are certain aspects that you should consider before styling the kid’s bedroom. First, you must need to determine the space of the bedroom. This will play a major role in design as you may often find yourself with either too much furniture or less than what you need. Take time to consider the accessories, or focal points you want to stand out in the room to prevent the space from becoming overwhelming.

Themes to Use for the Kid’s Bedroom

Depending on the child, there are so many themes to play with. Use bright shades of colors on the wall to contrast the muted furniture or create a super colorful bedroom to energize the room. Choose a theme with a focus, and work from it rather then fill the room with the same object. Example: Elephant nursery room. Choose a specific wall art or furniture and style the room to compliment the color shades of the theme rather than fill the room with hundreds of elephants. Create whimsical rooms with floating stars hanging from the ceiling or go simplistic with a few colorful touches.

Materials to Use for the Kid’s Bedroom

The design materials you can use depends on the theme of your child’s bedroom. You can use multifunctional furniture such as desks that can be easily converted into a hidden storage place or lamps that make a great wall décor. Use cool built-ins on the wall to save floor space, while adding decorative style. Using furniture with multi-functions will save space and give the child more room for creativity while still keeping the room somewhat intact.

Creative Touches for the Kid’s Bedroom

To add more of a creative touch to the kid’s bedroom, art wall decals are a great way to add a focal point or simple blend in with the theme. Add eccentric shaped rugs and personalized art for a welcoming appearance. You can also paint the main wall in an ombré shade of the child’s favorite color to help stand out in the room. Also, add color storage boxes, pop up colors, and even slides to create the dream room for your child.