You can create a playroom that will appeal to your toddler. You can design the playroom after a certain theme or you can choose a more general setting with colors and interesting looks, suitable for your kid’s adventures. You need a place well organized that can be altered in the future. In this article we have chosen to show you 10 toddler playroom ideas that might help be of help.

Toddler Playroom Furniture Design

toddler playroom furniture design

Choose furniture that will provide you with plenty of storage space. This way you can have an organized playroom for your kids. Like this traditional toddler girl playroom with cream white cabinets that match with the carpet.

Kids Playroom Flooring Idea

kids playroom flooring ide

Design by : Margaret L. Norcott, Allied ASID

The floor in your kid’s playroom has to have high resistance. You can find soft hardwood tiles that will protect your toddlers from scratches and bruises. You can also invest in kids playroom carpet tiles. They are soft and safe for any age. You can also see Kids Room Modern Interior Designs

Small Toddler Playroom Idea

small toddler playroom idea

Bright rooms tend to look bigger. In case your kid’s playroom is small, choose to style the room in white. The colorful toys will always catch your kid’s attention.

Toddler Playroom Wall Art

toddler playroom wall art

You can use a wall art design for the playroom walls. A creative one is this world map design. You can combine a fun theme with an educative subject.

Kids Playroom Table

kids playroom table

A fun table is needed for a toddler’s playroom. This is where it can build castles or play with its toys. You can even make it on your own with a simple table, some duck tape and toys.

Toddler Playroom Storage Idea

toddler playroom storage idea

Storage space is needed in a kid’s playroom. Every toy should have a place for safe storage. An organized room will be easier for cleaning.

Toddler Playroom Wall Decals

toddler playroom wall decals

Wall decals are a fun way to decorate the playroom’s walls. You can use it instead of wallpaper and you can find it in a variety of sizes and colors to create patterns and scenes.

Kids Playroom Chairs

kids playroom chairs

You can style the room with colored chairs. Like this traditional playroom, the light blue chairs blend in with the white table.

Toddler Boys Playroom Idea

toddler boys playroom idea

The color scheme should reflect on your kid’s tastes too. The bright colors are chosen mostly by kids so don’t hesitate to be creative. In this boys playroom the blue and green are matched in a beautiful beach style space.

Modern Kids Playroom Decor

modern kids playroom decor

Design by : Abbey Construction Company

This modern playroom is decorated with a playground theme. You can use a big chalkboard to line a wall that will allow your kids to express their creativity. You can keep the storage space along the walls and leave the middle free.

Decorative Toddler Playroom Design

decorative toddler playroom design

Colorful Toddler Playroom

colorful toddler playroom

Toddler Playroom Flooring Idea

toddler playroom flooring idea1

A playroom can be designed in many styles. Having in mind that the room should be safe for your toddlers, you can style it with colors and textures that will bring pleasure to both your kids and you. You have to design the space in a way that allows for plenty of storage space to keep it organized and clean. Decorate with colorful furniture or carpets, or invest in interesting wall art. Also you need to think ahead about the changes you can do in the future as your kids will grow older.

Freespace Toddler Playroom

freespace toddler playroom

Traditional Toddler Playroom Design

traditional toddler playroom design

Kids love playing and have many toys. Having a playroom will keep these toys in one place, organized, and a safe room for your kid. You can style the room to reflect both your style and your kid’s character, making it the play heaven where they can always be themselves.

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