The Kids Game Room in your home is naturally vibrant and full of playfulness. You can make it even more attractive to the kids by implementing the innovative and charming room design ideas. These rooms are generally spacious for the kids to enjoy their freedom. You just need to read the pulse of your child and furnish the rooms. Here are ten of the most stunning room design ideas you may find useful while tailoring your kids’ rooms.

Kids Game Room Furniture

kids game room furniture

This is a spacious room with limited furniture. Place a few low cabinets that serve the purpose of tables along the horizontal wall. Paint the walls light pink. Three comfortable cushioned round sofas on the opposite side with a mattress placed in between will make the room complete.

Game Room Chairs Idea

game room chairs idea

The spotted carpet with a glossy gold finish and glass table base makes it a trendy game room. Your kids will like playing video games here. The elegantly painted walls with large glass windows and wooden frames are customised for delivering the playful ambience in the room.

Blue Kids Game Room

blue kids game room

This is a spacious game room painted in a home-theatre theme. The blue walls are painted with various images, in lines of a disco and the ceiling flawlessly designed with round architecture. Steel chairs with red cushions, along with vibrantly painted pillars make the place the ultimate gaming destination. You can also see Crisp and Colorful Kids Room Designs

Game Room Tables Idea

game room tables idea

The mustard yellow carpet with navy blue porches is a great combination for the gaming rooms. Install rolling tables with cube sitting in the room. Avail the necessary accessories and games and place them along the walls.

Kids Game Room Wall Decor

kids game room wall decor

Place a ping pong table in the centre of the game room for your kids to enjoy a variety of games. Paint the walls with a shade, blended with pink and cream. With a red and yellow zigzag pattern on the wall incorporated with black designs, the room will have one of the most vibrant looks.

Kids Game Room Curtains

kids game room curtains

Design by : Willey Design LLC

The curtains in the games room can have a brown-yellow based printed drape pattern, and this goes well in rooms with grey or blue walls. In the centre of the room, place a billiard table and incorporate a design matching the color of the curtains on the floor.

Kids Game Room Storage

kids game room storage

A green and white colour combination goes well with game rooms. Paint the walls green and the ceiling white for a perfect match. On the floor, get a contrasting design of white and green. Buy moss green sofas and porches for the room.

Basement Kids Game Room Idea

basement kids game room idea

When you have a game room in the basement with low ceilings, the contrasting shades of purple and cream will make an elegant presentation. With a purple table tennis board in the centre, you can really get a great place to play in. frosted glass windows and round ceiling light swill match the settings seamlessly.

Garage Kids Play Room Idea

garage kids play room idea

Arrange for wall storage of various books, toys and TV for the game room. Paint the decks white for a bright look. With red porches and grey floors, you will get a vibrant contrast of ideas that will boost up your gaming mood. The indirect lighting system can be well-implemented here.

Kids Playroom Decorative idea

kids playroom decorative idea

The most vibrant of all colour combinations for a game room is that of a rainbow. You can get a thin-stripes rainbow carpet for the entire floor. Paint the walls bright yellow and the ceilings white, with the lights placed in higher positions. Paint the wooden shelves white and this will be one of the best looks for the gaming rooms.

Kid Playroom Furnished Idea

kid playroom furnished idea

Kids Playroom Shelves

kids playroom shelves

Kids Blue Basement Playroom


kids blue basement playroom

Large Playroom Idea

large playroom idea

White Chandelier Kids Playroom

white chandelier kids playroom

Design by : Abbey Construction Company, Inc.

Tiny Climbing wall Idea

tiny climbing wall idea

Design by : Gabriel Builders Inc.

Kids Craft Room Idea

kids craft room idea

Playroom Storage idea

playroom storage idea

Cool Multiplayer Game Room

cool multiplayer game room

Kids Playroom with Wall Design

kids playroom with wall design

Vibrancy and enthusiasm being the lookouts of most of the people, you can create new colour combination ideas and apply them with matching accessories. This will boost up the looks of the room. You can come up with new ideas and feel free to let us know what you innovate.

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