Minecraft is a very popular game especially among kids. This game that entails mining and crafting assorted 3-dimensional blocks in a large world of changing terrains and environments to probe. Minecraft bathroom designs can be quite impressive and captivating especially to kids. There’s a whole range of these bathroom design options that can only be limited by your imagination.

Functional Minecraft bathrooms may seem like something out of reach. However, with Redstone, this is achievable. A Redstone-powered shower is very spectacular. Unlike other showers that work at the flip of a lever, this kind utilizes a clock to turn two tacky pistons to produce a real stream.

Minecraft Bathroom Mirror Idea

minecraft bathroom mirror idea


Minecraft Style Bathroom Tiles

minecraft style bathroom decor


Medieval Minecraft Bathroom Sink

medieval minecraft bathroom sink


A flushing toilet is a necessity in any gorgeous bathroom. Minecraft bathroom design with such a facility will make the room very lively. Perhaps the idea of using a towel for drying yourself may sound too yesterday. A bathroom design that comes with a blow dryer could be the best alternative to that idea.

Old Minecraft Bathroom Design

old minecraft bathroom design


Large Minecraft Bathroom Design

large minecraft bathroom design


Cool Minecraft Bathroom Design

different minecraft bathroom design


Modern Minecraft Bathroom Decor

modern minecraft bathroom decor


Minecraft Xbox Bathroom Design

minecraft master bathroom decor


Minecraft Castle Bathroom

minecraft castle bathroom


Minecraft Giant Bathroom Design

minecraft giant bathroom design


Simple Minecraft Toilet Idea

simple minecraft toilet idea


Minecraft Mod Bathroom Design

minecraft mod bathroom design


Minecraft Sleek Toilet Bathroom Design

minecraft sleek toilet bathroom design


We all need some degree of privacy while in a bathroom. For this reason, Minecraft bathroom design with a locking piston door is a great one. How about one that transforms an empty cauldron into a filled vessel? It’s definitely superb!

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