If you always dreamt of having your own shower then now is the time to go for it. There is a great variety of shower designs that you can choose from while making the optimum utility of your bathroom space. It will help you achieve a magnificent makeover. Stalls have been around for quite some time now bringing you stylish options. Following this you will find a collection of shower stalls that will really inspire you. You may also see Shower Bench Designs

Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom shower stalls can come in alcove and corner types. You can choose the one for you based on the bathroom’s layout as well as the available free space. You can choose a design with clear glass to make the space larger. You may also see Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Modern Bathroom Shower Stall

modern bathroom shower stall


Corner Shower Stalls

Utilize the available corner space with a corner shower stall that will accentuate the current style. There is a great range of designs to choose among sliding and hinged doors as well as the base design that will complete your shower. You may also see Steam Shower Designs

Corner Bathroom Shower Stall

corner bathroom shower stall

Photo by Lifeseven

Small Shower Stall Designs

Even a small bathroom can have a shower stall. You will find many designs that you can either design as in built alcoves or freestanding designs. If you skip the ready-made base then you can play with the tile designs.

Small Corner Shower Stall

small corner shower stall


Outdoor Shower Stall Designs

Design your outdoor shower stall in a style that will accentuate your space and match with your house. You can go for any material that fits your senses like wood, bamboo, metal or glass to help you achieve the design of your dreams. You may also see Shower Room Designs

Outdoor Wooden Shower Stall

outdoor wooden shower stall


Glass Shower Stalls

Glass is the only material that won’t make your space look constricted. The simplicity of the glass is suitable for every bathroom style while you can find in various types like frosted or etched for privacy as well as style.

Glass Enclosed Shower Stall

glass enclosed shower stall


Walk-In Shower Stalls

Walk-in shower stalls have a stunning look. They can be used instead of bathtubs giving you a stylish design. You can create the bets shower stall with the materials that draw your eye allowing you to add extra personality. You may also see Walk-In Shower Designs

Corner Walk-In Shower Stall

corner walk in shower stall


Basement Shower Stalls

If space is not constricting you in the basement then you have the luxury to go for any design and size of shower stalls. You can go for a large walk-in shower that will give you a creative layout.

Traditional Basement Shower Stall

traditional basement shower stall


Modern Shower Stall Designs

Modern shower stalls have a crisp design that allows you to take advantage in order to add style in your bathroom. There are many designs with clear glass panels and metallic features that make the stall look fashionable in a subtle way. You may also see Curbless Shower Designs

Modern Glass Shower Stall

modern glass shower stall


Doorless Shower Stall Designs

If you like the idea of a doorless shower stall then you have to choose a design that won’t allow the water to spill all over your bathroom floor. A glass wall that covers the shower partway will complete the look.

Simple Doorless Shower Stall

simple doorless shower stall


Tile Shower Stall Designs

You can style the walls of the shower stall with creative and stylish tiles. You can choose any design that draws your eye ranging from ceramic to stone allowing you to pick the one that will complete your bathroom in style.

Colorful Tiles Shower Stall

colorful tiles shower stall


Large Shower Stall Designs

A large shower stall will give you a purely luxurious living experience. You can choose a design with minimalistic style or you can go for a fancy one with elegant marble walls or stunning tile work for an extra stylish bathroom.

Large Bathroom Shower Stall

large bathroom shower stall


DIY Shower Stall Ideas

For a shower stall, you need to be conscious of the available space in order to achieve a comfortable design. You can also add a glass door or you can skip it and opt for a shower curtain in an elegant design.

DIY Outdoor Shower Stall

diy outdoor shower stall


Round Shower Stalls

A round shower design will give you a soft look. You can incorporate it in any bathroom that needs to break up the monotone of the orthogonal shapes that we often see. These designs come with a ready-made base to install.

Round Corner Shower Stall

round corner shower stall

Design By Corinne Kaye

Portable Shower Stalls

A portable shower stall will give you a convenient use. You can choose where and when to install it while at the same time giving you a stylish design for your space. There is a great variety of designs to choose.

Portable Shower Stall with Glass Door

poratable shower stall with glass door


Luxury Shower Stall Designs

Elegant benches, stylish tile work, and designer faucets will give you a luxurious design for your shower stall. There is a great variety of designs to choose ranging in style as well as layout giving you many incredible options.

Luxury Shower Stall Tiles Idea

luxury shower stall tiles idea


Shower stalls can give you a luxurious living experience. You can choose the design that fits your space which cover your needs. Make sure that you have a good ventilation system and that you follow the care and maintenance instructions to ensure a lifelong use of your shower stall design.

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