Designing the interior of a bathroom involves a considerable bit of tailored choices. While designing the bathrooms of your home, you can eliminate the large and crowding accessories. A sleek and spacious floor is all you want, and alongside, you can place a sink, toilet bathtub and the necessary articles in the bathroom. The 3 Piece Bathroom Design idea is effective in delivering a smart and refined look to the bathroom. Here are ten such ideas that will live up to your standards.

Bathroom 3 Piece Suite

bathroom 3 piece suite

Grey walls and brown wood finish floors are something to look out for. In this particular setting, there is enough space for movement and you should place the bathtub and the toilet along the opposite parallel walls of the room. It comes with a tile shower bath and porcelain tile floor.

3 Piece Tub Shower

3 piece tub shower

You may like this white subway tile bathroom with a pedestal sink and ceramic bathtub. The black floor goes well with the contrasting white colour of the walls and objects. A square mirror on the wall over the sink and smart lights will make the bathroom classy.

3 Piece Bathroom Faucet

3 piece bathroom faucet1

This is a master bathroom with water closet and floors made of white marbles. The shower enclosure is elegant and the walls are granite black. It is a trendy bathroom with a marble shower. The marble look tiles are ideal for the laundry room in the bathroom.

3 Piece Wall Mounted Bath Taps Idea

wall mounted bath taps idea

For a change, you may like the wall mouthed toilet in the bathroom with grey floors. The ceramic sink and bathtub need to be shiny white to match the contrast. The wall mouthed beer matches the bathroom well and refine the bathroom with wide mirrors covering the walls.

3 Piece Bathtub Design

3 piece bathtub design1

You can implement the Bathtub Tile Design idea in this bathroom. It is really a spacious bathroom that caters you with a makeup space. Paint the walls in a cream-based shade and arrange for brownish lights to yield the beauty. Make sure that the bathtub and the cabinets below the mirrors are along the parallel walls.

Bathroom 3 Piece Vanity

bathroom 3 piece vanity


This is really a luxurious bathroom with a water closet and a toilet room. It is a classic bathroom with marble floors and good architectural specimen. The white walls and closets along the front are ideal for the bathroom and the crystal chandeliers deliver a perfect finish to it.

3 Piece Shower Unit

3 piece shower unit

Design by : halsethvuorma

This is a great bathroom that offers you a shower stall. The walls have a brown matt finish and the matching floors are ideal for the bathroom. Arrange for a set of glass decks to make it elegant.

3 Piece Bathroom Accessories

3 piece bathroom accessories

You may incorporate this idea to create an ideal place to keep the bathroom accessories in a well-ordered fashion. There are two under-mount sinks with and marble counters to create a matching combination. The tub enclosure door is frameless and you will like the wood finish of the racks and cabinets to place the things.

Small 3 Piece Bathroom Design

small 3 piece

When you have constraints in space, you can make a nice little bathroom with all the necessary things. Install a designer toilet and use ceramic wall tiles to make the walls attractive. It has grey floors and an open concept shower.

3 Piece Bathtub Enclosures

3 piece bathtub enclosures1

This is a spacious and elegant looking bathroom with a combo accessory of bathtub and shower. The wall and floor tiles are matching. Place a marble top on the black cabinet with shiny knobs. There are large glass enclosures for the bath. Avail the frameless ones to boost up the look of the bathroom. You can also see Spa Bathroom Designs

White 3 Piece Bathtub Design

white 3 piece bathtub design

3 Piece Wall Tiles Bathroom

3 piece wall tiles bathroom

Unique 3 Piece Bathtub idea

unique 3 piece bathtub idea

3 Piece Master Bathroom

3 piece master bathroom

Spacious 3 piece bathroom

spacious 3 piece bathroom

Traditional 3 piece Bathtub

traditional 3 piece bathtub

3 Piece Bathtub with Beautiful Mirror

3 piece bathtub with beautiful mirror

Design by : New England Design & Construction

Modern 3 Piece Bathtub

modern 3 piece bathtub

Beach Style 3 Piece Bathtub

beach style 3 piece bathtub

3 Piece Blue Bathroom

3 piece blue bathroom

When you incorporate these smart yet pleasing accessories within the bathroom, you will really personalise one of the most interior parts of your asset. You can look out for new ideas and make the bathrooms more luxurious. If you have any of your ideas regarding bathroom designs, please feel free to share them with us.

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