Bathrooms are so fundamental in our daily lives and do require a remodel or upgrade every few years. These upgrades might be because of various reasons like need for repairs, change in interiors or a general need to have a change in design and style. Bathroom remodeling designs can be challenging but with proper planning and mindful execution, they can turn out better than expected.

Bathroom Remodel Design with Victorian Look

bathroom remodel design with victorian look

Fulford Home Remodeling

Contemporary Bathroom with Tub and Colorful Wall

contemporary bathroom with tub and colorful wall

Airoom Architects Builders Remodelers

Classy Bathroom with Multiple Mirrors

classy bathroom design idea

Airoom Architects Builders Remodelers

Trends in bathroom remodeling have been changing very rapidly. Use of multiple mirrors is highly recommended as it alleviates a sense of space and gives the bathroom a more open feel. Using multi-coloured tiles in design patterns can add that glamour quotient instantly. Previously, bathroom designs have been seen as functional, but nowadays they also delve on aesthetic and design.

Green and White Color Bathroom Design Idea

green and white color bathroom design idea

Architectural Building Arts, Inc

Trendy Bathroom Idea for Luxurious Home

trendy bathroom remodeling design idea

Elegant Small Bathroom Design

elegant small bathroom design

Case Design & Remodeling Indy

Traditional Bathroom with Rich Look

traditional bathroom with rich look design

Case Design & Remodeling Indy

Classic Bathroom with Steam Shower and Wainscoting

classic bathroom with steam shower and wainscoting

Bartelt. The Remodeling Resource

Complete Bathroom Remodeling with TV Place

complete bathroom remodeling design

Bathroom Remodel Design Create a Classy Look

bathroom remodel design create a classy look

USI Remodeling

Shiny Bright Bathroom with Rich Accessories

shiny bright bathroom design with rich accessories

Modern Bathroom Design with Polished Marble

modern bathroom design with polished marble

USI Remodeling

Brown Color Bathroom with Ceiling

brown color bathroom design with ceiling

Remodeling by Joseph

Spacious Bathroom with Wooden Storage Cases

spacious bathroom design with wooden storage cases

The use of bathrooms accessories like faucets and knobs that have a specific design theme to them and using it as a motif across all the bathroom fittings can create a classy look. Adopting natural colours like brown bathroom, light grey, beige and off-white can also brighten up the interiors instantly. Fitting bathtubs or a shower area with some small platforms can help ease storage issues and increase functionality as well.

Gorgeous Blue Bathroom Design Idea

gorgeous blue bathroom design

Case Design & Remodeling Indy

Unique Bathroom with Cherry Wood Vanity

unique bathroom design with cherry wood vanity

One Week Bath

Rustic Bathroom with Green Walls and Hanging Lights

rustic bathroom remodeling design with green walls

Stilwell Design & Remodeling

Bathroom with Double Vanity and Single Lever Faucets

bathroom design with double vanity and single lever faucet


Lavish Bathroom Remodeling Design

lavish bathroom remodeling design

NVS Remodeling & Design

Colorful Bathroom with Storage Cases and Large Mirror

colorful bathroom design idea

Jackson Design & Remodeling

Attic Bathroom Remodel Design

attic bathroom remodel design

Parsons Custom Remodeling

With the help of a few well-located lights and textured flooring, the bathroom can be transformed into a soothing area. Use of bold colors for mats and curtains can increase the vibrancy and funk element in the limited space. Using simple textures and design motifs on storage cabinets help including them as a seamless part of the entire wall and thus give the bathroom a transformation in layout.

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