Worried about the space crunch in your small bathroom? A renovation can set things right if you could to come up with some strategic ideas using lighting, tiling, colors and layout. Several homeowners have been able to transform their small bathroom space into an interesting setting. Here, we have compiled some incredible ideas put into practice, from across the globe.

Small Bathroom Remodel

small bathroom remodel


Bathrooms with space constraints can still be turned into a lavish space by adhering to few remodeling ideas such as usage of mirrors and glasses as much as possible. In addition to the purposeful mirrors that are used in the wash basin, you can use glasses for the partition of the shower area.

Small Bathroom Decorating Idea

small bathroom decorating ideas


Décor items can be used to give your bathroom an exotic look. You can choose from the wide variety of options available in the market or you can browse the internet. Usage of lights with stylish décor look can be placed against the mirror and along with that you can place small flower vase to add up to the beauty quotient.

Bathroom Shower Remodel

bathroom shower remodel


The shower space plays a vital role in accentuating the looks of the bathroom and remodeling it is good enough to change the overall look of the room. The latest trend in this arena is the use of different sorts of glasses and tiles that come out in contrast to the rest of the bathroom. When you use glass partition for the shower space, give special attention to the bathroom fittings as they add up to the overall look.

Simple Bathroom Renovation

simple bathroom renovation


Some people like to keep it simple but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise with the looks and elegance of your bathroom. There are many renovation ideas available to fulfill the requirement of a simple and elegant bathroom. Using bright colors such as white or light sea green for the walls is an easy enough change you can bring in that instantly accentuates the looks of your bathroom.

Diy Bathroom Remodel

diy bathroom remodel

Design by :Walls and Floors Ltd

Remodeling is perfect opportunity to create a balanced look in your bathroom space. Come up with colors and textures that highlight the important parts of the room and at the same time ensure that the ambiance looks fuller and lighter. The greater use of polished fittings creates a unique mood.

Bathtub Remodeling Ideas

bathtub remodelling idea


The average modern bathroom comprises of two important spaces – the bath area and the sink. However, if you have a small space to your bathroom, you can always go for a bathtub instead of trying to manage a bigger shower area. This not only saves the precious corner from being separated away from the rest of the space but also opens up wall areas that can add to the look and the functionality.

Remodel Old Bathroom

remodel old bathroom


The changing lifestyle also demands a change in bathroom layout. To cater to the modern requirement, a remodeling could be a profiting investment. It will not only update your bathroom with modern décor but also increase the overall value of your property.

Bathroom Countertop Replacement Idea

bathroom countertop replacement idea


Countertops allow an incredible opportunity to add up space to your rather small bathroom. Designed for the walls, they not only balance the décor but also act as highly functional spaces to have your things organized.

Bathroom Vanity Remodel

bathroom vanity remodel


Bathrooms should be designed to meet the requirements of privacy and functionality. In this context, the vanity space can be organized into smaller desks, cabinets and cupboards. They are especially important if you have a crunch for space.

Small Bathroom Wall Design

small bathroom wall design


Using unique wall color and lighting fixtures, a small bathroom wall can be livened up to create a romantic setting, as shown in this example.

Mid Sized Transitional Designed Bathroom

mid sized transitional designed bathroom


Corner Designed Vanities Bathroom

corner designed vanities bathroom


Contemporary Cabinetry Designed Bathroom

contemporary cabinetry designed bathroom


White Tiles with Flat-Panel Cabinet Bathroom

white tiles with flat panel cabinet bathroom


Orange Dreamsicle Bathroom

orange dreamsicle bathroom


Trendy Bathroom with Mosaic Tile & Vessel Sink

trendy bathroom with mosaic tile vessel sink


White Bricks Wall Design Bathroom

white designed bathroom


Eclectic Bathroom with a Claw-Foot Tub

eclectic bathroom with a claw foot tub


Scandinavian Bathroom with Open Shower

scandinavian bathroom with open shower


Trendy Light-wood Cabinet Bathroom

trendy lightwood cabinet bathroom


En-suite Configured Bathroom Design

ensuite configured bathroom design


As we see, it is simple things that can make a difference. If you have other unique ideas for bathroom remodel, do share it with us!

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