Looking to get something unique out of your bathroom renovation? Several homeowners across the globe are adopting a new way to create a much more dynamic and vibrant space in their bathroom. Using 3D designs, you can create a space that evokes both sensuality and shine. 3D layouts for your bathroom would be a creative mix of flooring, tiling, wallpaper, color and lighting. Here are some unique examples of these designs from homes across the globe:

Bathroom 3D Tile Design

bathroom 3d tile design


The design and texture of your bathroom tiles can create a 3D impression on the overall scheme. As evident in this example, different patterns of tiling have been used to evoke the essence of spaciousness in a small space.

3D Block Stone Tile

3d block stone tile


Tiles can create an illusion of space if used creatively. In this case, the pillars around the bath are actually concrete and covered in tiles. However, the pattern gives the illusion of it being made from smaller stone blocks, thereby creating an exotic look.

Crema 3D Tiles

crema 3d tiles


In this example, we see a wavy patterned tiling as the backdrop of the sink/wash basin area. The wavy pattern gives an uneven and unique look to the wall which is actually plain tile polish. This does make the space look a lot more dramatic than solid alternatives.

Bathroom 3D Wave Tiles

bathroom 3d waves tiles


The wavy patterned tiles in this example give a rough look to the bathroom wall, pushing things towards the exotic. Further, the use of big glasses accentuates the appeal of the décor. The use of bright colored flower pots and exotic light fixtures are added glory to this interior design.

3D Bathroom Glass Wall

3d bathroom glass wall


Usage of glass to give an illusion of 3D structure through the reflection of doors or windows in your bathroom can give a spacious look even if the room has limitations. Placing miniature décor items against it will elevate the lavishness of your bathroom.

Shower 3D Tiles Ideas

shower 3d tiles idea

Designed By: Clay Construction Inc.

The walls of the shower area can be placed with tiles having 3D textures, while the partition built could be of glass that will complement the bathroom. A sleek structure placed in the corner of the shower area will reflect the space as a serene place to take a shower without compromising with the usage area.

Bathroom Mosaic Wall Design

bathroom mosaic wall decor


Mosaics are making a comeback in the home décor trends, but with a little twist in their placement. Instead of flooring the bathroom with mosaic, they can be placed on the walls to give it a contemporary look. Mosaics of bright color, with lights placed against them, gives the space a pristine look.

3D Geometric Floor Tiles

3d geometric floor tiles


Altering the designs of the floor and the wall is an evolving trend for those who want to maintain the traditional factor alive. The bathroom can be floored with tiles that give a 3D illusion when light falls upon them giving the space a traditional ambiance.

3D Wall Glass Panel

3d wall glass panel


Those keen on flaunting a contemporary look in their bathrooms can place the mirrors and glass panels in such a manner that the reflection of the doors falling upon it will give it a polished look, thereby accentuating the modern amenities placed in the bathroom. A glass panel placed on the ceiling will add to the quotient.

Cool 3D Wall Tiles

cool 3d wall tiles


Tiles of variant bright colors placed alternately gives the walls a 3D texture. Lights are placed in such a manner that their shadows also add up to the texture giving the whole space a cool ambiance. The color of tiles and walls are mixed and matched to elevate the ambiance of the bathroom.

Blue Tile 3D Wall Idea

blue tile 3d wall idea


White Waves Tiles Idea

white waves tiles idea


3D Water Mirror Idea

3d water mirror idea


Luxury Brown 3D Wall Design

luxury brown 3d wall design


Spring 3D Midcentury Bathroom

spring 3d midcentury bathroom

Desiged By : Moderne Builders

Traditional Elegant 3D Bathroom

traditional elegant 3d bathroom


3D Stone Wall Design

3d stone wall design


Beach Style 3D Bathroom

beach style 3d bathroom


Mosaic 3D Wall Design

mosaic 3d wall design


3D Shower with Cabinets

3d shower with cabinets


Round Tub 3D Wall Design

round tub 3d wall design


3D textures and tiles are in trend and have more to offer as they can be experimented with glasses and lights and give your bathroom any look, be it contemporary, traditional or a mix of both. If you have done something unique in your home, do share it with us.

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