Are you among those few fortunate enough to have sufficient space in your front yard? Well, investing in a front porch would be among the best decisions you would have ever made. It will not only allow you and your family spend their weekends and free time in the comfort of the outdoors but will also increase the value of your property in the long run.

If you have been meaning to design a front porch for your house, here are some amazing examples to take a cue from.

Front Porch Step Design

front porch step design

The entry to your home can be extended through a front porch with steps. This would be a place in between the immediate outdoors and indoors. The basic porch space, in this case, will easily become the most favorite part of the household for everyone, kids, elders and even your pets! You can also see Cottage Porch Designs

Front Porch Furniture Design

front porch furniture design

Furniture to be placed on your porch should ideally be highly ergonomic and comforting. You will not need to use expensive material like leather or anything else that can be affected by the weather. A recliner is enough to make your porch functional.

Screen in Front Porch Idea

screen in front porch idea

If you are looking for a porch design but are anxious about the dust and dirt that will come through, a screen would be a good investment. Popularly, porch screens are installed to save you from the direct sun rays. However, it also helps filter off dust and birds flying into the house. However, make sure you are not blocking the entire view. The ideal material for a screen would be a glass but a highly transparent curtain too can suffice.

Concrete Front Porch Design

concrete front porch design

If you are building a new home or completely renovating the existing one, a concrete structure for your front porch doesn’t just add value to the house but make the structure much more durable. Also, when you know that you will be integrating a porch in the front of the house, the construction too can take several interesting forms.

Front Porch Flooring Idea

front porch flooring idea

Depending on the look of the household and the immediate surroundings, you can go for several different materials for porch flooring. A hardwood floor would be an exotic idea, but concrete and tiling too can provide a richness of look.

Front Porch Rocking Chairs

front porch rocking chairs

Rocking chairs are best installed on a porch. You have both a view and the perfect ambiance to sip on some hot coffee or beer, whatever pleases your mood! A rocking chair is also ideal to lay back and relax on a weekend.

Enclosed Front Porch Design

enclosed front porch design

The idea of an enclosed front porch largely counters the definition of the space, but it can be treated as an extension to the house. Using glass as an enclosing material, you can adequately use the daylight to your benefit.

Front Porch Swing Design

front porch swing design

The idea of a swing in the front porch seems quite exciting but you should have enough space for all the tos and fros! This would be a great addition if you have kids at home. Alternatively, you can also have a hammock space on the porch for some sunshine experience!

Wooden Front Porch Railing

wooden front porch railing

The porch space is ideally made from wood. Even if you have a concrete frame for the porch space, a decorative wooden railing can be a beautiful addition to the space.

Front Porch Light Fixtures

front porch light fixtures

The front porch area can also be an exciting space after dark. Provided that you have the right kind of surrounding to go with it, installing unique lighting can make a lot of difference.

Traditional Front Porch Design

traditional front porch design

Modern Front Porch Exterior Design

modern front porch extrioir design

Small Enclosed Front Porch Idea

small enclosed front porch idea

White Front Porch Design

white front porch design

Front Porch Light Fixture Design

front porch light fixture design

Cottage Front Porch Design

cottage front porch design

Small Front Porch Idea

small front porch idea

Colorful Front Porch Furniture Design

colorful front porch furniture design

Front Porch Garden Idea

front porch garden idea

Large Front Porch Design

large front porch design

We hope you found something unique for your property. Make sure that you have enough space for a front porch bench or a chair and have the floor space for your pets to laze around! Happy living!

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