Did you know that concrete patios can form interesting designs? Enhanced by colors and stains, concrete patio designs  can be excitingly matched with a home’s exterior landscape. They can also be engraved and stamped to mimic other materials popular with outdoor paving. Using a combination of flagstone, tile, slate and brick, you and your designer can come up with landscaping that looks good with both modern and traditional property designs. Let’s look at some example to get a better idea about what a concrete patio paving can look like.

Stamped Concrete Patio Design

stamped concrete patio design


Stamped concrete, as shown in this example mimics gorgeous tiling using slate. The concrete can further be inlaid in various patches to give a uniform an appealing look to the outdoors. When it comes to patio design, a high quality of concrete material also offers extraordinary durability to the structure.

Polished Concrete Patio Ideas

polished concrete patio ideas1


Using concrete, you can achieve a unique polish in your outdoor pavement. A perfect idea for your porch landscaping, concrete not only looks good but adds a lot of durability to the layout. Further, concrete is among the cheapest materials for this kind of job. You may also See Stamped Patio Designs

Outdoor Concrete Stain Patio

outdoor concrete stain patio


As we can see in this example, the use of color stains has been able to establish a highly exotic patio platform. The look is rich and goes perfectly with your rugged home décor. Using wooden seating and rock pillars, this would be an exciting patio integrate to your home.

Colored Concrete Patio Design

colored concrete patio design1


Concrete can also be an exciting way to include some colors in your patio surface. The stains achieved here will not be feasible with any other kind of material, irrespective of your budget. Cheap and durable, there is little reason why you won’t be choosing concrete as your favorite building material.

Stained Concrete Floor Idea

stained concrete floor idea


For an indoor patio design, concrete can be a surprising material where you can completely control the color of the stains. Concrete comes as a great tool to achieve abstract and rich stains in your indoor patio and also offer high durability to the structure.

Concrete Driveway Idea

concrete driveway idea


Using stained concrete, this particular paving is further hardened by using stone chips. The application doesn’t just create a beautifully smooth looking surface but also gives a better grip to your vehicle in the driveway. Further, being highly rugged, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance.

Imprinted Concrete Patio Idea

imprinted concrete patio idea

Design By: Concrete Craft

Using advanced staining techniques, you can achieve a gorgeous pattern on your outdoor concrete pavement. This style is unlike any other material for the job. You may also See Front Porch Roof Designs

Concrete Stencil Design

concrete stencil design


Patterns and stencil work always look beautiful on a patio pavement. As you can see in this example, the concrete delivers an impressive finish and texture to the installation. The look achieved is not only cool but highly durable and more importantly safe for the average patio activity.

Exterior Concrete Stain Patio

exterior concrete stain patio


This is yet another way you can use concrete stains of contrasting colors to create a highly creative and fun patio place. As shown in this example, you achieve two distinct stains using concrete as your raw material.

Concrete Deck Patio Design

concrete deck patio design1


If you are looking to inlay a sprawling deck area in your courtyard, concrete would again be a favorable material. Using wood inlays, your patio would be a highly creative and sturdy area that anyone would love.

Cottage Stained Concrete Patio Design

cottage stained concrete patio design

Design by Grandfather Homes

Gray Stained Concrete Floor Idea

gray stained concrete floor idea


Dark Stained Concrete Patio

dark stained concrete patio

Design by L.Bonadies General Contracting

Renovation of Concrete Patio Design

renovation of concrete patio design


Modern Stained Concrete Design

modern stained concrete design


Traditional Concrete Patio Design

traditional concrete patio design


Outdoor Stained Concrete Patio

outdoor stained concrete patio


Trendy Stained Patio Design

trendy stained patio design


Concrete patio porches are becoming quite popular and common across the globe now. However, you can use the material to come up with really unique stains. The best thing about concrete stain patterns is that they are exclusive to any home and cannot be completely recreated!

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