It is a luxury to have a roof top deck. From family gatherings to a private romantic evening everything can be stylishly arranged on the rooftop deck. It has become a current must have which give a new definition to your home. Whether it is a small private rooftop deck or a spacious one with a pool, these trending concepts prove to be an absolute head turner. You may also see Floating Deck Designs.

Modern Rooftop Deck Design

modern rooftop deck design

Modern rooftop deck designs are light and classy. If you are redoing your deck a wooden patio will give it the desired look. Use modern outdoor sofas and daybeds to make a comfortable sitting arrangement with a trendy centre table. Add some colours to your deck by converting unused corner spaces into flower beds.

Garage Rooftop Deck

garage rooftop deck

Have a private garage? Using modern deck designs you can convert your garage rooftop into a stylish deck. You can use wooden flooring with black railings complimenting it creating a rich look. Use wooden or cane furniture for seating arrangements. Planters with flowering plants can add life to your deck. You can either keep this arrangement open or cover it using custom made canopy umbrellas.

Residential Rooftop Deck Idea

residential rooftop deck idea

Bring the calmness by making flowerbed on your roof top deck. Convert your spacious roof into a wooden deck with comfortable cane sofas and some extra chairs for the seating arrangement. You can add a water feature in the centre of the deck to break out of the all wood look. Use proper lighting to make it perfect for both daylight gathering and evening parties.

Small Rooftop Deck Design

small rooftop deck design

Following the latest fad for wooden decks make your small deck look trendy. Use planters to keep your foliage and flowering plants. Two comfortable lounge chairs and a round table in the centre is enough to make it interesting.

Urban Rooftop Deck Design Idea

urban rooftop deck design idea

For a perfect urban rooftop deck use stone tiles with a wooden ramp to make it more interesting. Feel free to use mixed furniture. You can have a sofa with daybeds and a small centre table at one end and a few lounge chairs arranged around a round table on the other.

Rooftop Wooden Deck

rooftop wood deck

An all wood roof top deck makes for a simple and low maintenance idea. With wooden floor and plain industrial benches with an industrial centre table it can be used for a relaxed evening with friends without much preparation. Use stone bowls and garden statues to decorate while maintaining the look.

Traditional Rooftop Deck Idea

traditional rooftop deck idea

A deck extended parapet walls using planters’ promises much more privacy and comfort. Use comfortable single sofas for your seating with a centre table. You can cover your seating arrangement with permanent roofing options. Keep some lounge chairs in the open deck area to soak up the sun.

Farmhouse Rooftop Deck

farmhouse rooftop deck

Farmhouse Rooftop Decks are a combination of simplicity and comfort without extra adornment. You can plan an all white look and break it by using planters with foliage and flowering plants. Two chairs with a centre table are enough to make you feel relaxed. You can extend your seating arrangement as per space or occasions hosted. You can also run climbers on the walls to add colours to your deck.

Transitional Rooftop Deck Design

transitional rooftop deck design

A rooftop garden with wooden deck and central glass floor adds a lush twist to your roof top deck. Planters with foliage plants along the modified parapet improve the look of the deck. You can also add small garden trees to aid to your green design.

Rooftop Metal Deck Idea

rooftop metal deck idea

If you have rustic stone walls and you think a wooden deck will not fit the look. Make a statement by converting your rooftop deck into a metallic deck. It is best suited for backyard decks and can also be considered for a floating deck with limited space. It will look rustic and classy even without any adornments.

Rooftop Deck Design

rooftop deck design

Design by Scrafano Architects

Rooftop Deck Furniture Design

rooftop deck furniture design

Rooftop Deck Sofa Design

rooftop deck sofa design

Chinese Rooftop Deck Design

chinese rooftop deck design

Rooftop Deck Lighting Idea

rooftop deck lighting idea

Tiny Rooftop Deck Idea

tiny rooftop deck idea

Design by Mike Crews
A well design deck serves as a wonderful space to breathe in fresh air. Spend your time reading your favourite book or host your friends for evening coffee and flaunt you beautifully designed rooftop. Your outdoor decks are a luxury and make the best use of it.

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