Tattoo is loved by many people all over the world and the lovers of tattoos call it “Skin Art”. There are many tattoos which are in trend now. The wings tattoo, daggers and knives tattoo, cherry blossom tattoo, bats tattoo etc. Dahlia tattoo design is loved by many tattoo lovers all over the world for its diversity of colors and the arrangement of petals.

Tattoo artists also love to make a Dahlia tattoo design as it has many variations in color and flower arrangement. Lotus flower tattoo is also popular with many tattoo lovers because of its beauty.

Watercolor Dahlia Tattoo

Watercolor Dahlia Tattoo Source

This beautiful and artistic watercolor Dahlia tattoo is amazing and takes anyone to that place. This beautiful scenery I should say with two Dahlias in red and violet, with a hummingbird, a tent, and greenery certainly is tranquil to look at. This beautiful tattoo design may suit anyone but will look good on teenage girls and young women.

Dahlia Shoulder Tattoo

Dahlia Shoulder Tattoo Source

This red and black shaded Dahlia tattoo on the shoulder with leaves and some buds spread over gives an amazing and natural effect of beauty. The Shoulder is a much visible place to have tattoos and can be flaunted with many outfits. This tattoo suits almost everyone and women will love to have this tattoo for sure.

Black Work Dahlia Tattoo Design

Black Dahlia Tattoo Design Source

This black Dahlia tattoo in natural shadings if black is a much artistic one and sure goes with any outfit. This beautifully done tattoo will make many women want it done for themselves. This is such a natural looking tattoo that anyone can have it.

Red Dahlia Flower Tattoo

Red Dahlia Flower Tattoo Source

This gorgeous red Dahlia flower tattoo design with some leaves is so beautifully done, no one can stop noticing it. Especially on the ankle area, it is like a  natural decoration for any woman. Anyone who loves flowers especially Dahlia can get it done.

Black and Gray Dahlia Tattoo

Black and Grey Dahlia Tattoo Source

This black and gray Dahlia with its natural shadings is a piece of art. This natural looking Dahlia flower can be done by anyone who loves it. Especially teenage guys and girls who like to keep it simple or by anyone who likes simplicity.

Purple Dahlia Tattoo Design

Purple Dahlia Tattoo Design Source

This purple Dahlia tattoo with some foliage and beautiful shadings makes anyone having it look beautiful. Especially women with this tattoo are sure to turn many heads. As this tattoo is natural looking and bright this goes with any outfit and adds up to the beauty of the outfit.

Colorful Dahlia Tattoo

Colorful Dahlia Tattoo Source

This colorful Dahlia with combinations of red and blue beautifully done is an art piece wich can be flaunted proudly.  As Dahlias are beautiful flowers, this beautiful and colorful tattoo goes well with women of any age.

Lace Work Dahlia Tattoo

Lace Work Dahlia Tattoo Source

This intricate design of lacework Dahlia is utterly amazing to look. The red Dahlia with beautiful shadings and the intricate lacework around the Dahlia which highlights the flower as well adds up to the design.Any  Art lovers and beauty admirers can have this tattoo.

Dahlia Tattoo on Knee

Dahlia Tattoo on Knee Source

This amazing red Dahlia with green foliage and yellow in the middle sure makes anyone go for it. The shadings and the placement done properly, this piece of art cannot be ignored by anyone. Anyone who loves Dahlias can have it done.

Dahlia Head Tattoo Design

Dahlia Head Tattoo Design Source

This trendy black Dahlia head tattoo with lacework and bee is sure a unique looking tattoo and that done on the head is attention grabbing. This tattoo can be pierced by young trendy guys and girls who want to look different from others. You may also see Peony Tattoo Designs

Traditional Dahlia Tattoo

Traditional Dahlia Tattoo Source

Dahlia Tattoo on Palm

Dahlia Tattoo on Palm Source

Name Dahlia Flower Tattoo

Unique Dahlia Flower Tattoo Source

Realistic Dahlia Tattoo Design

Realistic Dahlia Tattoo Design Source

Red and White Dahlia Tattoo

Red and White Dahlia Tattoo Source

Dahlia Tattoo on Foot

Dahlia Tattoo on Foot Source

Dahlia Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Dahlia Tattoo Design on Shoulder Source

Mandala Dahlia Tattoo for Women

Sacred Dahlia Tattoo for Women Source

Dahlia Tattoo on Back

Dahlia Tattoo on Back Source

Small Dahlia Foot Tattoo

Small Dahlia Foot Tattoo Source

Beautiful Dahlia Tattoo Design

Beautiful Dahlia Tattoo Design Source

The tattoos are now a style icon and many art lovers want tattoos on their bodies. It’s not only considered an art piece but also done in memory of a loving person, their loving pet, the lost ones who they care about, or anything that holds a significant place in their life. Hibiscus flower and sunflower tattoos are also in trend now and all the flower lovers can try this tattoo.

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