Wave rings are a popular trend and evoke feelings of strength and determination. There are various types of wave ring designs, including sound wave, ocean wave and snowflake rings. Message rings are also very popular and pair well with wave designs. Select a wave ring design that connects well with your personality. Here are 10 beautiful wave ring designs to give you a greater insight

This ocean wave ring design features three ocean wave shapes made with a sterling silver wire. This beautiful ring is handmade in the United States. Click this link to know more.

Wave Wedding Ring

wave wedding ring

This wave wedding ring is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry. The wave shape is made of cubic zirconia and is gold plated. Follow this link to buy this ring.

Beaded Wave Ring

beaded wave ring

This beaded wave ring is a double wave ring featuring a small turquoise bead. The wire is made of 18-gauge non-tarnish, silver plated wire. Visit this link to find out more.

Blue Wave Crystal Ring

blue wave crystal ring

This blue wave crystal ring features high quality gems and crystal rhinestones. This beautiful and sophisticated accessory is a great gift option. Follow this link to get this ring.

Sound Wave Ring

sound wave ring

This sound wave ring is made of tungsten and shows a sound wave pattern on the outside. Buyers can record a message and send the sound wave image to the maker. Click this link to learn more.

Heartbeat Wave Ring

heartbeat wave ring

This heartbeat wave ring features heartbeat wave designs along with heart shapes. The ring is made of polished stainless steel. Visit this link to buy this ring.

Rainbow Wave Ring Design

rainbow wave ring design1

This rainbow wave ring design features colorful wave designs, handmade with sterling silver. This colorful ring brings the image of a rainbow. Click this link to find more details.

Rolling Wave Ring

rolling wave ring

This rolling wave design is made of 925 sterling silver and features dolomite. Check out this link to proceed with the purchase of this ring.

Sapphire Wave Ring

sapphire wave ring

This sapphire wave ring is made of pure sterling silver using sand casting method. The ring features a 3mm blue sapphire.

Spinning Wave Ring Design

spinning wave ring design

This spinning wave ring design is a two-piece spinning ring made of silver. The outer ring is free spinning.

Blue and Red Crystal Wave Ring

blue and red crystal wave ring

Engagement Wave Ring

engagement wave ring

Gemstone Wave Heart Shape Ring

gemstone wave heart shape ring

Fashion Wave Ring Design

fashion wave ring design

Wave Wire Ring

wave wire ring

Mountain Wave Stacker Ring Set

mountain wave stacker ring set

Silver Plated Wave Ring

silver plated wave ring

These were some beautiful wave ring designs that are worthy of a glimpse. Wave rings have a special meaning and significance just like heart shaped rings. Platinum rings are also available in wave designs. Explore the designs and pick one that suits you the best. Happy shopping!

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