Wire wrapped rings are hugely popular and trending. They are bohemian, vintage, and rustic and can be pulled off with a number of looks. Wire wrapped rings have substituted the usual gold and silver rings. With pearls, semi-precious stones or simply just as they are, these rings surely leave an impression on your outfit.

Love pearls but cannot afford the hefty amount of buying a gold or silver ring? Not to fret anymore. Wire wrapped rings with pearl studded in them are not only pretty but are also immensely versatile. They also make for good low-budget wedding rings. You may also see Hinged Ring Designs
How pretty can a wire wrapped ring get, after all? Well, this is your answer. Added to the fact that these rings are highly economical and are a steal for the price, they are also adjustable. So, you can even share it with your mum or your friends.
This beautiful piece of jewelry also makes for an amazing gift item. But, if you’re apprehensive that it might look cheap on your part, take a look at this wonderful wire wrapped ring. Add a precious or a semi-precious stone and it turns to a celebrity-level jewelry.

Heady Wire Wrap Ring Design

heady wire wrap ring design

To all the men out there, if your girl is someone with a unique taste then this silver wire wrap ring with a purple amethyst might just be the one to surprise her with. Show your divergent thinking and she will surely end up flaunting this to everyone.

Wire Wrap Bead Ring

wire wrap bead ring

Something so bohemian is definitely adorable. Instead of usual metal or silver wires, use a brass wire to DIY. Add leftover beads and any charms that you may have lying around and voila! You have a stunning wire wrapped ring.
It is time to give those ordinary rose designed rings a twist with the edgy as well as pretty wire wrapped rose ring. It works wonderfully well with a free flowing maxi dress or even an edgy ethnic outfit.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring

wire wrapped crystal ring

This handmade creation is an accurate amalgamation of aristocratic, bohemian as well as minimalistic. The blue beads add a hint of color, making it look even more attractive. These items make for marvelous reception or birthday gifts to your special ones.

Knot Wire Wrapped Ring

knot wire wrapped ring

A knot symbolizes an eternal relationship. That clearly describes how thoughtful a gift item this can be. Be it your mother’s birthday or your 3-year anniversary, with something as intricate and alluring as this you can be sure that your emotions are well conveyed.

Wire Wrapped Bow Ring Design

wire wrapped bow ring design

Super easy to make, super cheap to buy. Bows are cute and minimalistic and this ring will perfectly complement your manicured nails on a special outing. You can always go for something a bit more complex by adding a pearl or a flower to it.

Copper Wire Wrap Ring

copper wire wrap ring

Something like this makes you instantly crushing on it. Red semi-precious stone. Check. Copper wire to complement. Check. Intricately designed. Check. Within the budget. Check. What more would you possibly need in a ring? You may also see Rolling Ring Designs

Turquoise Wire Wrap Ring Idea

turquoise wire wrap ring idea

Wire Wrapped Band Ring

wire wrapped band ring

Unique Wire Wrap Ring

unique wire wrap ring

Yellow Gold Wire Wrapped Ring

yellow gold wire wrapped ring

Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

silver wire wrapped ring

Aquamarine Wire Wrap Ring

aquamarine wire wrap ring

Handmade Wire Wrapped Ring

handmade wire wrapped ring

Opal Wire Wrapped Ring

opal wire wrapped ring1

Sea Glass Wire Wrap Ring

sea glass wire wrap ring

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

sterling silver wire wrapped ring

Wire wrapped rings are for people who aren’t afraid of taking their fashion interests to the next level and trying out new things like a bullet ring or a message ring. It sure is new in the market but is being loved and adored rapidly. So, let go of those vintage engagement rings that burn a hole in your pocket and give these state of the art rings a shot.

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