Do you often see your girlfriends wearing the new cool insect earrings? Well, that’s because they are a craze in the market right now. Women are experimenting with new designs and instead of going for the standard geometric earrings or studs, are looking for insect earring designs. Why? Because it is super cool, quirky and goes very well with western and fusion wear. So, next time you go shopping, look for these super-quirky insect earring designs:

Insect Stud Earrings

Cute little insect stud earring for teenage girls. All girls have started to experiment with their accessories from a very small age and this earring would be perfect for the fashionable teenagers. Perfect mix of quirk, color and cute.

Insect Wing Earrings

If you want to stand out in the crowd and wear something different and more unique than the antique earrings everybody is wearing, opt for these insect wing earrings. Team this with a black peplum top and skin tight ankle length jeans, stilettos and you’re good to go.

Amber Insect Earrings

Amber is such a happy, autumn color. Other than studs, choose from a variety of danglers such as this to accentuate your special outfit. This earring can be worn by ladies of all age groups and face types.

Cute Insect Earrings

When you’re off to college or a casual outing with your friends, you want it low yet not understated. If your outfit is low-key and you feel lazy, just adding in a tad bit more effort with this super cute pair of earrings can do the job, just like that.

Insect Hoop Earrings Design

For people who really like to take the fashion game a level higher, this is for you. To work or to an outing or to a brunch, there are endless occasions on which you could wear this. With every different outfit, the impact of this accessory changes. What’s better than that?

Vintage Insect Earrings

A twist on the vintage. Thinking of a gift for your sister or daughter? Give her this awesome-blossom pair of insect earrings and watch her face glow into a smile. Children love eccentric things and this is exactly that!

Insect Dangle Earrings

As pretty as your peacock earrings with the charm of the antique earrings. Elevate your outfit with this simple accessory that has been so delicately designed. Advantage? There is no limit to the possibilities of outfits that you could wear this with. Be it a simple camisole and jeans or an LBD, anything works.

Sterling Silver Insect Earrings

Sterling silver has become our favorite element because of its sheen, characteristics and its longevity too. Plus, it comes cheap too. Wear this to accompany you on your shopping sprees, coffee with friends or even a brunch. Petite, pretty with its own hint of bright colors this is a must have.

Wire Wrapped Insect Earrings

Wire wrapped earrings are big this season. Bohemian, versatile, and very, very affordable. Add some amazing blue color with it and you’re sorted. A wire wrapped insect rings are a combination which brings together quirky with bohemian.

Beetle Wing Earrings

How often do you see an earring of a shape so different and a shade so unique? Metallic shades are very appealing in themselves. They can jazz up your outfit without putting any effort at all. Beautiful, isn’t it.

Dragonfly Silver Insect Teal Blue Earrings

Red Ladybug Dangle Earrings

Rhinestone Insect Earrings

Moss Insect Earrings

Bee Wings Insect Earrings

Small Honey Bee Stud Earrings

Gold Tone Insect Earrings

Charm Insect Earrings

This is an era of innovation in accessories. Women nowadays are stepping out of their comfort zone to try out new things and that is exactly why accessories like bamboo earrings and insect earrings are becoming so popular. On your next shopping spree, don’t forget to look for one of these.

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